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Trivia Quiz - Time Person of the Year

The Time Person of the Year is awarded to the person or people who "for better or for worse... has done the most to influence the events of the year". Needless to say there have been some interesting and controversial people who have received this honor.

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Date Submitted: August 18, 2022
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Author: grant228
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Time Person of the Year

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1. Who was the first Time Man of the Year when the award was introduced in 1927?
  A.   Rudolph Valentino
  B.   Charles Lindbergh
  C.   F. Scott Fitzgerald
  D.   Al Jolson

2. Who was the first Time Woman of the Year?
  A.   Greta Garbo
  B.   Marie Curie
  C.   Wallis Simpson
  D.   Amelia Earheart

3. Of the four women below, who has not been named Time Woman or Person of the Year?
  A.   Queen Elizabeth II
  B.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  C.   Corazon Aquino
  D.   Angela Merkel

4. In 2005 Bill and Melinda Gates shared the award with which philanthropic music legend?
  A.   Bono
  B.   Sting
  C.   Paul McCartney
  D.   Bob Geldof

5. As at 2019, which of the following US Presidents is only per person to have been awarded the Time Person of the Year honor three times?
  A.   Franklin Roosevelt
  B.   Harry Truman
  C.   Richard Nixon
  D.   Bill Clinton

6. The Time Person of the Year award has been made to a number of American groups. Which of the following below, as of 2019, has not been a recipient?
  A.   The US Soldier
  B.   Middle America
  C.   African Americans
  D.   American Women

7. The crew of which Apollo space mission was recognised as Time Men of the Year?
  A.   Apollo 8
  B.   Apollo 9
  C.   Apollo 10
  D.   Apollo 11

8. Which of the following acknowledged tyrants was not named Time Man of the Year?
  A.   Adolf Hitler
  B.   Joseph Stalin
  C.   Ayatollah Khomeini
  D.   Saddam Hussein

9. Of the following four people who did much to influence global events, who was the only person recognized by Time magazine with its award?
  A.   Albert Einstein
  B.   Mahatma Gandhi
  C.   Diana, Princess of Wales
  D.   John Logie Baird

10. As at 2019, which of the following leaders of the People's Republic of China has been recognized as Time Man or Person of the Year?
  A.   Mao Zedong
  B.   Deng Xiaoping
  C.   Jiang Zemin
  D.   Xi Jinping®   

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