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Trivia Quizzes - History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 54th Massachusetts RegimentHistory, American History, American Civil War  grant22815361.6
2 About Being a GentlemanHistory, Culture  grant2284341.9
3 Adolf Hitler - His Later LifeHistory, World War II, German HistoryAdolf Hitler  grant22817078
4 Age of DiscoveryHistory, European Age of Discovery  grant22810152
5 Alexander the GreatHistory, Ancient History  torchwood19774958.6
6 Alfred NobelHistory, ScientistsAlfred B Nobel  patrickryan30655.9
7 All About HangingsHistory  grant228935.6
8 Amerigo Vespucci - after whom America was named.History  grant228290
9 Annie Oakley - Little Miss Sure ShotHistory, American HistoryAnnie Oakley  grant2286960.9
10 ANZACS at Gallipoli - Part IIHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant2281448.6
11 Apples and the famous people associated with themHistory, Culture  grant2282653.1
12 Arthur Phillip - Founder of AustraliaHistory, Australian HistoryArthur Phillip  grant2282950
13 Assassinations the World OverHistory, World Leaders, Assassinations  tazzytina42863.1
14 Assassinations the World Over: Part IIHistory, World Leaders, Assassinations  grant22816858.3
15 Augustus Caesar History, Ancient HistoryAugustus Caesar  grant22815071.2
16 Australian Political ScandalsHistory, Australian History  grant228386.7
17 Australian Prime Ministers - Part 4History, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2281463.6
18 Banjo Paterson - The Voice of the Australian BushHistory, Literature, Authors, Australian History  grant2288048.6
19 Baruch Spinoza - "The Prince of Philosophers"History  grant2281100
20 Battle of BannockburnHistory, British History  grant2282765.2
21 Battle of the BulgeHistory, World War II  grant2284358.8
22 Bernard Montgomery - El Alamein SupremoHistory, World War II, British History  grant2286443.6
23 Bernie Sanders - Political MaverickHistory, American History, American Culture  grant2282357.8
24 Bertrand Russell - British PhilosopherHistory, British History  grant22836142.1
25 Betty Ford - Independent First LadyHistory, Presidential First LadiesBetty Ford  grant228673.3
26 Black FridayHistory, Culture  bill61746.9
27 Black QuizHistory, Culture  grant2282646.5
28 By Their Own Hand - Famous SuicidesHistory  grant2284259
29 Calamity Jane - Frontier WomanHistory, American History, American Frontier Explorers  grant22810841.4
30 Celebrated Castrated FiguresHistory  grant2282100
31 Charlotte Corday - Famous French Revolution AssassinHistory, French History  grant228270
32 Che Guevara - Iconic RevolutionaryHistory  grant22841161.8
33 Christopher Columbus - Part 2History, Spanish HistoryChristopher Columbus  grant2281048
34 Clarence Darrow - Lawyer for the UnderdogHistory, American History, Crime & LawClarence S Darrow  grant2281250
35 Clarence Thomas - Supreme Court JusticeHistory, American History, American Culture  grant2281100
36 Classic Political InsultsHistory  grant2283840
37 Classic Political Insults 2History  grant2282028.5
38 Claudius - Emperor of RomeHistory, Ancient History  grant2282368.3
39 Condaleeza Rice - Vibrant Secretary of StateHistory, American History, American Government  grant2281653.1
40 Counter-Culture FiguresHistory, Culture  patrickryan6463
41 Countries at WarHistory  calusk11465.7
42 D-Day Part IIWorld War II, History  grant2288148.4
43 David Livingstone - Explorer and MissionaryHistory, British History  grant22832362.6
44 Daylight Saving TimeHistory, Culture  0zero02,58953.6
45 Desmond Doss - The Bravest of the BraveHistory, American History, World War II  grant2282776.3
46 Dolley MadisonHistory, Presidential First Ladies  grant2281150.9
47 Donald Trump - The DonaldHistory, American History, American CultureDonald Trump  grant22813060.2
48 Edmund Hillary - Conqueror of EverestHistory, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Edmund P Hillary  grant228764.3
49 Elizabeth Monroe - Fifth First LadyHistory, Presidential First Ladies  grant228280
50 English Channel SwimsHistory, Sports  grant2281947.4
51 F. W. de Klerk - The Man Who Ended South Africa's ApartheidHistory  grant2282770.7
52 Famous Dogs in HistoryHistory, Culture  grant22822848.4
53 Famous Dogs of History - Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study, Culture  grant22811132.8
54 Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant22819253.8
55 Famous Last WordsHistory, Culture  grant22821132
56 Famous Last Words: Part 2History  grant2287127.7
57 Famous New ZealandersHistory, World Culture  grant228260
58 Famous People Named BrownHistory  grant2281868.9
59 Famous People Named Jones: Part 3History, Culture  grant2285754.9
60 Famous People Named SmithHistory, World Culture  grant22857461.1
61 Famous Quotes from Famous PeopleHistory  LittleLady18425.3
62 Famous Quotes from Famous People #2History  patrickryan4342.1
63 Famous ShipsHistory, Exploration  grant22819664.6
64 Famous SiblingsMovie Stars, History  grant22849653.7
65 First Women Presidents & First Women Prime MinistersHistory  grant2282763.3
66 Forthright Female QuotesHistory, Culture  grant228552
67 Fyodor Dostoevsky - Russian NovelistHistory, Literature, Authors, Russian HistoryFyodor M Dostoevsky  grant2284949.8
68 Galileo - Part IIHistory, Science & Nature, Scientists, Italian HistoryGalileo Galilei  grant2281337.7
69 Geographic Names Shared With Famous PeopleHistory, Geography  grant22814854
70 Giants of Early American IndustryHistory, American Culture  Demigod9021180
71 Gioachino Rossini - Masterful Italian ComposerHistory, Music, Italian History  grant2281452.1
72 Giordano Bruno - "A Martyr of Science"History, Religion, Italian History  grant2281356.9
73 Gold QuizHistory, World Culture  grant2287852.8
74 Gregor Mendel: Genius Geneticist!History, Science & NatureGregor Mendel  bill17146.3
75 Guglielmo Marconi - Father of Wireless TelegraphyHistory, Scientists, Italian HistoryGuglielmo Marconi  grant2282640.4
76 Harriet Beecher Stowe - U S Author and Social ConscienceHistory, American Civil War, Literature, American Culture, AuthorsHarriet B Stowe  grant2284038.3
77 Helen Keller - An Inspiration to All!History, American HistoryHelen A Keller  grant22822446.3
78 Henry Kissinger - Negotiator with the WorldHistory, American HistoryHenry Kissinger  grant2287253.6
79 Henry Morton Stanley - Journalist and ExplorerHistory, American History, British History  grant2282653.5
80 Henry VIII: Iron Fisted RulerHistory, British Royalty  grant22824775.3
81 Hypatia of AlexandriaHistory, Ancient History  grant2281841.7
82 Ida Wells-Barnett - Civil Rights CrusaderHistory, American History  grant22810955.3
83 Indira Gandhi - First Female Prime Minister of IndiaHistory, Indian HistoryIndira Gandhi  grant22842051.5
84 It Happened on this Date in History!History  tazzytina18861.5
85 Jack Johnson - The first black heavyweight boxing championHistory, American History, Boxing  grant2281665.6
86 January 9th BirthdatesHistory  lmcubs3862.1
87 Jesus Christ - The Reason for ChristmasHistory, Religion, Christianity, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Jesus Christ  patrickryan12660.9
88 Jimmy Swaggart - Preaching, Praying and ProstitutesHistory, American History  grant228462.5
89 John McCain - Hero, Patriot, Maverick, LeaderHistory, American HistoryJohn S McCain  grant228865
90 John Milton - English PoetHistory, Literature, British Authors, British History  grant2284663.7
91 John Monash - Esteemed Australian GeneralHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant228765.7
92 Jonathan Swift - Sharp-eyed SatiristHistory, Literature, Authors, British HistoryJonathan Swift  grant22831051
93 Joseph Banks - Renowned BotanistHistory, Australian History  grant228948.9
94 Joseph McCarthy - Controversial SenatorHistory, American History, American GovernmentJoseph McCarthy  grant2281665
95 Lady Bird Johnson - Loved First LadyHistory, Presidential First Ladies  grant228570
96 Lawrence of ArabiaHistory, World War I, British History  grant22818750.2
97 Léon Theremin: Electronics WhizHistory, Music, ScientistsLéon Theremin  patrickryan658.3
98 Leo and Sofya Tolstoy - A strained relationship!History, Authors  grant228353.3
99 Lions Through the AgesHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant2283046.7
100 Lost Submarines: Post WWIIHistory, Deep Sea Exploration, Technology  patrickryan2540.8

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