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Trivia Quizzes - History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 America UnearthedHistory, TV Reality Shows  bill1559.3
2 Abraham Lincoln - 16th US President: Pre-Presidential LifeHistory, American History, U.S. PresidentsAbraham Lincoln  grant2289250
3 Abraham Lincoln - Personal QuestionsHistory, American History, U.S. PresidentsAbraham Lincoln  grant2284349.1
4 Alan Shepard, Jr - American Astronaut and Naval AviatorHistory, Space Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Alan B Shepard Jr. patrickryan2652.7
5 Alexander HamiltonHistory, American History, American Founding FathersAlexander Hamilton  bbdd41117969.7
6 Alfred NobelHistory, ScientistsAlfred B Nobel  patrickryan7563.2
7 Andrew Carnegie - Millionaire Businessman and PhilanthropistHistory, American History, Business  grant228758.6
8 Anne Boleyn - Doomed Queen of EnglandHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2282172.4
9 Anzacs at GallipoliHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant22821161.7
10 Archimedes of SyracuseHistory, ScientistsArchimedes  patrickryan3357.6
11 Assassinations the World Over: Part IIHistory, Assassinations  grant22811556.6
12 Attila the HunHistory, Ancients Behaving Badly  grant2281961.1
13 Baron von Richthofen - The Red BaronHistory, World War I  grant2281462.9
14 Battle of Gettysburg - Part IIHistory, American History, Civil War  grant2282771.9
15 Battle of MidwayHistory, American History, World History, World War II  grant2283662.2
16 Battle of the Little Big HornHistory, American History  grant2283558.3
17 Benjamin Franklin - Part 2History, American HistoryBenjamin Franklin  grant2282546
18 Black FridayHistory, Culture  bill21048.8
19 Black QuizHistory, Culture  grant2281445
20 Bonnie and Clyde: The Criminal CoupleHistory, Depression-Era Gangsters  0zero075349.3
21 Boudicca - Warrior QueenHistory, British History  grant228641.7
22 Boy Scouts of America - Part 2History, Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  dartjock1566
23 By Their Own Hand - Famous SuicidesHistory  grant2282260
24 Caligula - Debauched and DementedHistory, Ancients Behaving BadlyGaius Germanicus  grant228963.3
25 Canute - King of EnglandHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant228738.6
26 Charles de Gaulle - Father of Modern FranceHistory, World LeadersCharles AJ de Gaulle  grant2284650.9
27 Charles I - Executed King of EnglandHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant228457.5
28 Charles Kingsford SmithHistory, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, Australian History  grant228870
29 Charles LindberghHistory, TechnologyCharles Lindbergh  dave8650
30 Che Guevara - Iconic RevolutionaryHistory, World History  grant228668.3
31 Chevrolets of the 1960sHistory, American Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1540
32 Cincinnatus - Model Citizen-ServantHistory, World HistoryLucius Quinctius Cincinnatus  grant2285652.7
33 Classic Political InsultsHistory  grant2282841.4
34 Classic Political Insults 2History  grant2281427.9
35 Counter-Culture FiguresHistory, Culture  patrickryan2962.1
36 Daylight Saving TimeHistory, Culture  0zero01,62544.3
37 Douglas Mawson - Antarctic ExplorerHistory, Australian History  grant2282249.5
38 Duke of Wellington - The Iron DukeHistory, British HistoryArthur Wellesley  grant2288761
39 Elizabeth Cook - Wife of the Legendary SeafarerHistory, British History  grant228643.3
40 Empress JosephineHistory, World HistoryJoséphine de Beauharnais  grant2281851.1
41 F. W. de Klerk - The Man Who Ended South Africa's ApartheidHistory, World History  grant228656.7
42 Famous Dogs in HistoryHistory, Culture  grant22815348.2
43 Famous Dogs of History - Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study, Culture  grant2282934.5
44 Famous Eagle Scouts: Go Scouting!History, Culture  bill37049
45 Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant2282350
46 Famous Last WordsHistory, Culture  grant22815032.5
47 Famous Last Words: Part 2History  grant2286627
48 Famous People from MissouriHistory, American Culture  grant2287755.7
49 Famous People Named Jones: Part 3History, Culture  grant228967.8
50 Famous Quotes from Famous PeopleHistory  LittleLady16825.2
51 Famous Quotes from Famous People #2History, World History  patrickryan3140.6
52 Famous ShipsHistory, Exploration  grant2288753.4
53 First Women Presidents & First Women Prime MinistersHistory, Government  grant2282561.2
54 Florence Nightingale - Lady with the LampHistory, British HistoryFlorence Nightingale  grant2282250.5
55 Ford Model THistory, Culture, Automotive Industry  bill12454.9
56 Francis Drake: Naval AdventurerHistory, European Age of DiscoveryFrancis Drake  grant22854353.2
57 Gentle QuizHistory, Culture  grant2281542
58 George Dewey - US AdmiralHistory, American HistoryGeorge Dewey  patrickryan470
59 Gold QuizHistory, World Culture  grant2282761.1
60 Golda Meir - Mother of Modern IsraelHistory, World History, World LeadersGolda Meir  grant228255
61 Gregor Mendel: Genius Geneticist!History, Science & NatureGregor Mendel  bill13648.3
62  Hannibal - Sworn Enemy of RomeHistory, Ancients Behaving Badly  grant2282155.2
63 Helen Keller - An Inspiration to All!History, American HistoryHelen A Keller  grant22812447.5
64 Henry Kissinger - Negotiator with the WorldHistory, American History, World HistoryHenry Kissinger  grant2282049.5
65 Henry VIII: Iron Fisted RulerHistory, British Royalty Henry VIII  grant22816973.4
66 Herman Melville: American Author and SailorHistory, American AuthorsHerman Melville  patrickryan3057.3
67 Horatio Nelson - Hero of TrafalgarHistory, British HistoryHoratio Nelson  grant2288361.3
68 Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton - Scandalous LoversHistory, British History  grant228755.7
69 Howard HughesHistory, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, BusinessHoward Hughes  bill6754.8
70 It Happened on this Date in History!History  tazzytina17760.5
71 January 9th BirthdatesHistory  lmcubs3762.7
72 Jawaharlal Nehru - India's First Prime MinisterHistory, World HistoryJawaharlal Nehru  grant228462.5
73 Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Renowned PhilosopherHistory, World History  grant228856.3
74 Jesus Christ - The Reason for ChristmasHistory, Religion, Christianity, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Jesus Christ  patrickryan6161
75 Joan of ArcHistory, ChristianityJoan of Arc  grant2283263.8
76 John Glenn - Astronaut and AviatorHistory, Space Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!John H Glenn  patrickryan3544.3
77 Johnny Weissmuller - The Definitive TarzanHistory, American History, Movies, Movie StarsJohnny Weissmuller  grant228582
78 Jonas Salk - He rid the world of polioHistory, American History, Scientists, Doctors & MedicineJonas Salk  grant228946.7
79 Joseph Stalin - Brutal Soviet RulerHistory, World History, World War II, World LeadersJoseph Stalin  grant228852.5
80 King George VI - An Example of Devotion and DutyHistory, Royalty, British RoyaltyKing George VI  grant2287874.2
81 Landmark Supreme Court CasesHistory, American History, Crime & Law, American Government  Samurai Sam1440
82 Lawrence of ArabiaHistory, World War I, British History  grant228948.9
83 Léon Theremin: Electronics WhizHistory, Music, ScientistsLéon Theremin  patrickryan658.3
84 Leap Year BirthdaysHistory, Culture  madman7032.4
85 Lee Kuan Yew - Founding Father of Modern SingaporeHistory, World Leaders  grant228767.1
86 Lions Through the AgesHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant2281253.3
87 Lost Submarines: Post WWIIHistory, Deep Sea Exploration, Technology  patrickryan944.4
88 Louis XIV - The Sun KingHistory  grant228470
89 Marie Antoinette - Doomed Queen of FranceHistory, World HistoryMarie Antoinette  grant2284263.1
90 Mary, Queen of ScotsHistory, British HistoryMary Queen of Scots  grant2288358.1
91 Maximilien Robespierre - The Leader of the Reign of TerrorHistory, World History  grant2281958.4
92 Middle Names of Famous Middle Initial UsersHistory  grant22817732.2
93 Military Operations & Their Code NamesHistory, World History, World War II  grant2281965.3
94 Mistresses - Friends of the Rich and PowerfulHistory, World History, Royalty  grant2281656.3
95 Moon Walkers and Those That Circled the MoonHistory, Space Exploration  patrickryan1950.5
96 Mozart : Musical GeniusHistory, Classical MusicWolfgang A Mozart  grant2285757.4
97 Nancy Wake - Decorated Woman of WWIIHistory, World War IINancy Wake  grant2281865
98 New Zealand FactsHistory, Culture, Oceanic Geography  grant2281358.5
99 Niccolò di Bernardo dei MachiavelliHistory, AuthorsNiccolò Machiavelli  patrickryan2152.4
100 Nobel Peace PrizeHistory, World History  grant2282450

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