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Trivia Quizzes - History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 America UnearthedTV Reality Shows, History  bill1559.3
2 Abraham Lincoln - 16th US President: Pre-Presidential LifeU.S. Presidents, U.S. History, HistoryAbraham Lincoln  grant2288649.7
3 Abraham Lincoln - Personal QuestionsU.S. Presidents, U.S. History, HistoryAbraham Lincoln  grant2283749.5
4 Adolf Hitler - His Later LifeWorld War II, World History, HistoryAdolf Hitler  grant2281669.4
5 Alan Shepard, Jr - American Astronaut and Naval AviatorSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, HistoryAlan B Shepard Jr. patrickryan2352.6
6 Alexander HamiltonAmerican Founding Fathers, U.S. History, HistoryAlexander Hamilton  bbdd41117569.3
7 Alfred NobelScientists, HistoryAlfred B Nobel  patrickryan7163.2
8 Andrew Carnegie - Millionaire Businessman and PhilanthropistBusiness, U.S. History, History  grant228758.6
9 Anne Boleyn - Doomed Queen of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History, History  grant2281971.1
10 Anzacs at GallipoliWorld War I, Australian History, History  grant22820761.8
11 Archimedes of SyracuseScientists, HistoryArchimedes  patrickryan2956.2
12 Assassinations the World Over: Part IIHistory, Assassinations  grant22811456.5
13 Attila the HunAncients Behaving Badly, History  grant2281861.7
14 Baron von Richthofen - The Red BaronWorld War I, History  grant2281362.3
15 Battle of Gettysburg - Part IICivil War, U.S. History, History  grant2282070
16 Battle of MidwayWorld War II, World History, U.S. History, History  grant2282565.6
17 Battle of the Little Big HornU.S. History, History  grant2283357.6
18 Benjamin Franklin - Part 2U.S. History, HistoryBenjamin Franklin  grant2282546
19 Black FridayHistory, Culture  bill21048.8
20 Black QuizHistory, Culture  grant2281445
21 Bonnie and Clyde: The Criminal CoupleHistory, Depression-Era Gangsters  0zero074449.2
22 Boudicca - Warrior QueenBritish History, History  grant228442.5
23 Boy Scouts of America - Part 2Non-Profit Foundations, History, Culture  dartjock1464.3
24 By Their Own Hand - Famous SuicidesHistory  grant2282260
25 Caligula - Debauched and DementedAncients Behaving Badly, HistoryGaius Germanicus  grant228871.3
26 Canute - King of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History, History  grant228641.7
27 Charles de Gaulle - Father of Modern FranceWorld Leaders, HistoryCharles AJ de Gaulle  grant2284550.9
28 Charles I - Executed King of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History, History  grant228260
29 Charles Kingsford SmithAustralian History, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, History  grant228870
30 Charles LindberghTechnology, HistoryCharles Lindbergh  dave8449.9
31 Che Guevara - Iconic RevolutionaryWorld History, History  grant228668.3
32 Chevrolets of the 1960sAutomotive Industry, History, American Culture  Samurai Sam1339.2
33 Cincinnatus - Model Citizen-ServantWorld History, HistoryLucius Quinctius Cincinnatus  grant2285652.7
34 Classic Political InsultsHistory  grant2282841.4
35 Classic Political Insults 2History  grant2281427.9
36 Counter-Culture FiguresHistory, Culture  patrickryan2862.5
37 Daylight Saving TimeHistory, Culture  0zero01,62444.4
38 Douglas Mawson - Antarctic ExplorerAustralian History, History  grant2281843.9
39 Duke of Wellington - The Iron DukeBritish History, HistoryArthur Wellesley  grant2288159.3
40 Elizabeth Cook - Wife of the Legendary SeafarerBritish History, History  grant228643.3
41 Empress JosephineWorld History, HistoryJos├ęphine de Beauharnais  grant2281651.9
42 F. W. de Klerk - The Man Who Ended South Africa's ApartheidWorld History, History  grant228552
43 Famous Dogs in HistoryHistory, Culture  grant22815348.2
44 Famous Dogs of History - Part IIAnimals & Animal Study, History, Culture  grant2282436.3
45 Famous Eagle Scouts: Go Scouting!History, Culture  bill36649.2
46 Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses Part IIAnimals & Animal Study, History  grant2282047.5
47 Famous Last WordsHistory, Culture  grant22815032.5
48 Famous Last Words: Part 2History  grant2286627
49 Famous People from MissouriHistory, American Culture  grant2287555.9
50 Famous People Named Jones: Part 3History, Culture  grant228967.8
51 Famous Quotes from Famous PeopleHistory  LittleLady16825.2
52 Famous Quotes from Famous People #2World History, History  patrickryan3040.7
53 Famous ShipsExploration, History  grant2288753.4
54 First Women Presidents & First Women Prime MinistersGovernment, History  grant2282561.2
55 Florence Nightingale - Lady with the LampBritish History, HistoryFlorence Nightingale  grant2282049
56 Ford Model TAutomotive Industry, History, Culture  bill12055.4
57 Francis Drake: Naval AdventurerEuropean Age of Discovery, HistoryFrancis Drake  grant22854153.1
58 Gentle QuizHistory, Culture  grant2281443.6
59 George Dewey - US AdmiralU.S. History, HistoryGeorge Dewey  patrickryan470
60 Gold QuizHistory, World Culture  grant2282661.2

Grand Averages for these 60 Quizzes     53.3

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