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Trivia Quizzes - Technology

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor, Scientist & TeacherScience & Nature, TechnologyAlexander G Bell  bill14547
2 Charles LindberghAmerican History, Technology, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Charles Lindbergh  dave27952
3 Cyber LanguageTechnology, Culture  lmcubs25370.3
4 Edward TellerAmerican History, Technology, ScientistsEdward Teller  patrickryan2052
5 James Watt - Engineer!Technology, ScientistsJames Watt  patrickryan14538.3
6 Julius Robert Oppenheimer - Manhattan Project ScientistWorld War II, Science & Nature, Technology, ScientistsJ. Robert Oppenheimer  patrickryan10451.3
7 Lost Submarines: Post WWIIHistory, Deep Sea Exploration, Technology  patrickryan2343
8 Mackinac BridgeTechnology, North American Geography  bill14669
9 Masters of the InternetTechnology  dave17741.1
10 MySpace: International CommunityBusiness, Technology  BubblyJolie3740.3
11 Nicola Tesla: Inventor and GeniusTechnology, ScientistsNicola Tesla  patrickryan3451.2
12 Not So Famous InventorsTechnology  dartjock4149.3
13 Nuclear DisastersTechnology  patrickryan8239.5
14 Oliver Winchester - American Businessman and PoliticianAmerican History, Business, TechnologyOliver Winchester  patrickryan1160
15 Pac-Man: The OriginalTechnology  FRANKL196518360.3
16 Power GenerationScience & Nature, Technology, Culture  patrickryan3832.1
17 Samuel Colt: Weapons InnovatorAmerican History, Business, TechnologySamuel Colt  patrickryan5633.6
18 Samuel Morse - Inventor of the TelegraphHistory, American History, Technology, ScientistsSamuel F Morse  grant2284845
19 Steve Jobs: American Inventor & CEOBusiness, TechnologySteve Jobs  FRANKL19658746.4
20 Thomas Edison: American InventorBusiness, Technology, American CultureThomas A Edison  bill47842.9
21 Tim Berners-Lee: Amazing Computer Scientist!TechnologyTim Berners-Lee  bill44150.8

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