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Trivia Quiz - Cyber Language

If you are techno-savvy with your computer, you should know these terms. This is a great trivia quiz on cyber language!

Quiz Number: 2821
Date Submitted: August 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: Technology, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 70.3 percent
Times Taken: 255 times
Taken by Registered Users: 36

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Cyber Language
(Image Source: Cyber Language)

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1. What does "LOL" mean?
  A.   Loads of Loving
  B.   Living on Luck
  C.   Lumps of Love
  D.   Laugh Out Loud

2. "ROFL" means:
  A.   Rolling on floor laughing
  B.   Reply of four letters
  C.   Remember our first love
  D.   Running out for lunch

3. What is "phishing?"
  A.   Ads appearing without permission
  B.   Bullying others in a chatroom
  C.   Trying to trick people to give out personal info
  D.   Charging your cell phone bill to others

4. What does "Viral" mean as it applies to computers?
  A.   Messages from foreign countries
  B.   Fast spreading on the Web
  C.   Hackers attacking other hackers
  D.   Cell phone interference

5. What is an "avatar?"
  A.   The mouse
  B.   Your personal representation on a website
  C.   An online dating site
  D.   A simulation game involving flying a rocket

6. What does "flame" mean in cyber language?
  A.   Be abusive in a chat room
  B.   Send out spam emails
  C.   Losing your computer connection
  D.   Constantly being onlne

7. "Wonky" means:
  A.   A texting fanatic
  B.   Person who ignores emails
  C.   A computer geek
  D.   Not working correctly

8. "Poof" means:
  A.   Need to reboot computer
  B.   Replaced your computer
  C.   To leave a chat room
  D.   Last one to post on a site

9. What does "Digerati" mean?
  A.   Another term for your password questions
  B.   Person well versed in computer terms
  C.   Signal between your modem and computer
  D.   Using numbers as a code

10. And finally, what does "BRB" stand for?
  A.   Be ready, baby
  B.   By regulation basics
  C.   Both really believe
  D.   Be right back®   

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