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Trivia Quiz - Not So Famous Inventors

Pretty tough quiz. Everybody knows the Thomas Edisons and Alexander Graham Bellls of the world, but how about some of the lesser known inventors? I'll give you the inventor's name, (and maybe a clue), and you tell me what they invented.

Quiz Number: 4983
Date Submitted: February 20, 2013
Quiz Categories: Technology
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 50.7 percent
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Not So Famous Inventors
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1. What tastefully sticky substance did George Washington Carver invent?
  A.   Peanut Butter
  B.   Chewing Gum
  C.   Syrup
  D.   Jelly

2. What famous toy did Ruth Handler invent?
  A.   Hula Hoop
  B.   Jump Rope
  C.   Barbie Doll
  D.   Frisbee

3. What musical invention did William Powell Lear get us stuck to?
  A.   MP3
  B.   Vinyl Record
  C.   CD
  D.   8 Track Tape

4. What hot and fast selling item did Percy Lebaron Spencer invent that you can pretty much find in every household in America today?
  A.   Toaster
  B.   Microwave
  C.   Curling Iron
  D.   Hair Dryer

5. What safety item was invented by Walter Hunt?
  A.   Motorcycle Helmet
  B.   Seatbelt
  C.   Hunter's Vest
  D.   Safety Pin

6. What smelly invention did Marion Donovan invent?
  A.   Mothballs
  B.   Jockstrap
  C.   Disposable diaper
  D.   Limburger cheese

7. Mary Anderson had a clear vision when she invented this in 1903?
  A.   Windshield wiper
  B.   Contacts
  C.   Sunglasses
  D.   Wiper washer motor

8. 3M employee Richard Gurley Smith got us stuck to this invention?
  A.   8 Track Tape
  B.   Scotch Tape
  C.   Super Glue
  D.   Band- Aids

9. Drinkers were a.lot happier when Ernie Fraze invented this in 1959?
  A.   Pop Top
  B.   Bottle Opener
  C.   Can Opener
  D.   Twist Cap

10. Richard Jones gave us what springy toy invention in 1945?
  A.   Jack in the Box
  B.   Yo- Yo
  C.   Pez Dispenser
  D.   Slinky®   

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