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Trivia Quizzes - American Culture

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 "Lizzie Borden Took An Axe...."Crime & Law, American CultureLizzie Borden  bill77361.3
2 "Wild Bill" Hickok of the American Old WestU.S. History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureWild Bill Hickok  bill10248.5
3 1980's Marriages of the Rich and FamousAmerican Culture  grant22827673.6
4 Yankee Doodle DandyMusical Movies, American Culture  grant2284453.9
5 Abigail Van BurenFictional Characters, American Culture, AuthorsAbigail Van Buren  dartjock2444.6
6 Allen Ginsberg: Beat PoetAmerican CultureAllen Ginsberg  patrickryan1948.4
7 America's National ParksAmerican Culture, Geography  Secret_Author14365.7
8 America's National Parks: Part 2American Culture, Geography  Secret_Author6262.9
9 America's National Parks: Part 3American Culture, Geography  Secret_Author4964.5
10 American Theme Park LocationsAmerican Culture, Geography  FRANKL19654680
11 Arsenic and Old Lace - Comedy ClassicMovies, Comedy Movies, American Culture  grant2286068.3
12 Athletes Behaving BadlySports, American Culture  patrickryan3560.9
13 Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream: Celebrity-Inspired FlavorsBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  FRANKL196518055.7
14 Billy Mays: King of PitchBusiness, American Culture, Television StarsBilly Mays  dartjock2752.6
15 Bob Dylan - Enduring Songwriter and National ConscienceMusic, American Culture, Singers  grant22814523.8
16 Boy Scouts of AmericaNon-Profit Foundations, American Culture  dartjock3056
17 Car Advertising SlogansAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam58034.1
18 Cars of the 1950s: Part 1American Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam39156.9
19 Cars of the 1950s: Part IIAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam24458
20 Cars of the 1960s: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam60356.8
21 Cars of the 1960s: Part IIAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam80649.8
22 Cars of the 1970s: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam38257.1
23 Celebrity Drug Use and AbuseCulture, American Culture  KenKraska4150.7
24 Celebrity Drunks!Movie Stars, American Culture, Television Stars  KenKraska8948.5
25 Celebrity Gun ViolenceCrime & Law, American Culture  KenKraska2558.8
26 Celebrity TriviaAmerican Culture  patrickryan6362.5
27 Celebrity Trivia #2American Culture  patrickryan4345.1
28 Cereal MascotsTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Food & Drink  dartjock10972.2
29 Cereal Mascots: The 1950s and 1960sBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  Samurai Sam32240.6
30 Chevrolets of the 1960sHistory, American Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1439.3
31 Chocolate: Learn All About It!American Culture, Food & Drink  tazzytina41645.4
32 Christie Brinkley - America's Favorite CovergirlComedy Movies, American CultureChristie L Brinkley  grant228485
33 Daniel BooneU.S. History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureDaniel Boone  bill17055.4
34 David "Davy" CrockettU.S. History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureDavy Crockett  patrickryan16855.4
35 Denim Jean SlogansAmerican Culture  FRANKL196517645.9
36 Dennis the MenaceAmerican TV Sitcoms, Comedy Movies, Literature, American Culture  bill5769.6
37 Detroit Celebrities of the 60s and 70sAmerican Culture  bill34370.9
38 Disneyland, The Happiest Place on EarthAmerican Culture  lmcubs16646.7
39 Dorothy Parker - Wit ExtraordinaireLiterature, American Culture, AuthorsDorothy Parker  grant2283743.5
40 Ernest Hemingway - Muscular WriterU.S. History, Literature, American Culture, Authors, American AuthorsErnest M Hemingway  grant228363.3
41 Fair Tax FactsGovernment, American Culture  bill8161
42 Famous People Born In IndianaAmerican Culture  dartjock1568.7
43 Famous People from Ann Arbor, MichiganAmerican Culture  bill9046
44 Famous People from ChicagoAmerican Culture  bill1163.6
45 Famous People from MichiganAmerican Culture  bill1173.6
46 Famous People from MissouriHistory, American Culture  grant2287755.7
47 Famous People from OhioAmerican Culture  bill1276.7
48 Famous People from OklahomaAmerican Culture  phonerec11759.2
49 Famous People from OregonAmerican Culture  lmcubs8066.9
50 Famous People from Washington StateAmerican Culture  lmcubs9573.8
51 Famous People from WisconsinAmerican Culture  bill680
52 Find the Right HanderAmerican Culture  Samurai Sam11216.4
53 FireworksCulture, American Culture, Holidays  dartjock10240.7
54 Fireworks and their ColorsCulture, American Culture, Holidays  dartjock1230
55 Ford Mustang: America's First Pony CarAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam85953
56 Fords of the 1950sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam51850.9
57 Fords of the 1960sAmerican Culture  Samurai Sam16653.1
58 Fords of the 1970sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam17851.9
59 Fourth of JulyU.S. History, Revolutionary War, American Culture, Holidays  bill7075.3
60 Frank James, Brother of Jesse JamesOld West Lawmen & Outlaws, American CultureFrank James  scarlettem27349.4
61 Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life and ArchitectureU.S. History, Fine Arts, American CultureFrank L Wright  dave78642.3
62 Full-Sized Ford of the 1960sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1436.4
63 G.A. Custer: He Met His At Little Big HornU.S. History, Civil War, American Culture, American MilitaryGeorge A Custer  patrickryan8464.8
64 General Motors: Identify the BrandAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  FRANKL196522962.6
65 Grab BagAmerican Culture  scarlettem15056.2
66 Groundhog DayAmerican Culture, Holidays  bill7563.7
67 Gunfight at the O.K. CorralOld West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  Joe_5115273.9
68 Harley Davidson: American Iron HorseAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,32562.2
69 Helen Keller: American Author, Activist and LecturerAmerican Culture, American AuthorsHelen A Keller  lmcubs10152
70 Henry David ThoreauLiterature, American Culture, Authors, American AuthorsHenry D Thoreau  grant228856.3
71 Hunter S Thompson: Gonzo ReporterAmerican Culture, American AuthorsHunter S Thompson  patrickryan4556
72 Indian Larry: Chopper RoyaltyAmerican CultureIndian Larry  scarlettem30860.8
73 Infamous Old West TownsU.S. History, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  Joe_514178.5
74 James Dean: American Cult IconMovie Stars, American CultureJames Dean  bill18560.8
75 Jim Thorpe: All Around ChampionSports, American CultureJim Thorpe  KenKraska1664.4
76 John Wesley Hardin: Frontier Bad GuyCrime & Law, Serial Killers, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  KenKraska4746.6
77 Kennedy Family TragediesU.S. History, American Culture  bill23570.8
78 Kentucky DerbySports, American Culture  bill2661.2
79 Kentucky Whiskey DistilleriesBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  bill770
80 Larry Flynt - Constitutional ChampionU.S. History, Business, Culture, American CultureLarry Flynt  grant228260
81 Liberty BellU.S. History, American Culture  dartjock3256.6
82 Louis Dearborn L'Amour - Iconic Western AuthorAmerican Culture, American AuthorsLouis D L'Amour  patrickryan748.6
83 M & M's - They Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!Food & Drink, American Culture  phonerec28246.6
84 Major U.S. City NicknamesAmerican Culture, Geography  bill9592.2
85 Malcolm XIslam, American CultureMalcolm X  dave44974.5
86 Malcolm X: Civil Rights LeaderU.S. History, American Culture, AuthorsMalcolm X  patrickryan3154.5
87 Margaret SangerAmerican CultureMargaret Sanger  patrickryan857.5
88 Mark Twain: Greatest American HumoristAmerican Culture, Authors, American AuthorsMark Twain  patrickryan6059.7
89 Martin Luther King: Civil Rights ChampionU.S. History, American CultureMartin Luther King Jr. bill29558.8
90 McDonald's Corporation: Part #2Business, American Culture  dartjock2844.6
91 Memorial Day in AmericaAmerican Culture, Holidays  bill33456.8
92 Michigan Celebrity FactsAmerican Culture  dave13268
93 Monopoly - Beyond the GameAmerican Culture  dartjock2943.1
94 Monopoly - The Board GameAmerican Culture  dartjock2152.4
95 Muscle Cars: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,43564.4
96 Nathaniel HawthorneAmerican Culture, American AuthorsNathaniel Hawthorne  patrickryan5454.1
97 Pin-Up Girls of the World War II EraWorld War II, American Culture  bill5564.9
98 Product MascotsBusiness, American Culture  FRANKL19659884.3
99 Product SlogansBusiness, American Culture  ravioli6,82648.9
100 Product Slogans #2Business, American Culture  bill64966.9

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