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Trivia Quizzes - American Culture

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 "Lizzie Borden Took An Axe...."Crime & Law, American CultureLizzie Borden  bill96462.3
2 "Wild Bill" Hickok of the American Old WestAmerican History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureWild Bill Hickok  bill26251.6
3 1980's Marriages of the Rich and FamousAmerican Culture  grant22833073.4
4 Yankee Doodle DandyAmerican Culture, Musical Movies  grant22818863
5 Abigail Van BurenFictional Characters, American Culture, AuthorsAbigail Van Buren  dartjock4742.8
6 Al Jolson - "The World's Greatest Entertainer"Music, American Culture, SingersAl Jolson  grant228685
7 Allen Ginsberg: Beat PoetAmerican CultureAllen Ginsberg  patrickryan4661.3
8 America's National ParksAmerican Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author24067.3
9 America's National Parks: Part 2American Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author10062.7
10 America's National Parks: Part 3American Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author7564.5
11 American Assassin: Lee Harvey Oswald in the USSRAmerican History, American Culture, AssassinationsLee Harvey Oswald  OJN19532633.1
12 American Flag Facts & HistoryAmerican History, American Government, American Culture, North American Geography  tazzytina9,31179.5
13 American Theme Park LocationsAmerican Culture, North American Geography  FRANKL196510074.9
14 Arsenic and Old Lace - Comedy ClassicMovies, Comedy Movies, American Culture  grant22824861.3
15 Athletes Behaving BadlySports, American Culture  patrickryan6861.9
16 Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream: Celebrity-Inspired FlavorsBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  FRANKL196524154.5
17 Bernie Sanders - Political MaverickHistory, American History, American Culture  grant2281956.3
18 Billy Mays: King of PitchBusiness, American Culture, Television StarsBilly Mays  dartjock4753.4
19 Bob Dylan - Enduring Songwriter and National ConscienceMusic, American Culture, SingersBob Dylan  grant22818930.8
20 Boy Scouts of AmericaAmerican Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  dartjock31955.8
21 Boy Scouts of America - Part 2American Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  dartjock3355.8
22 Burt Ward - More than Batman's SidekickTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Television StarsBurt J Ward  grant2283449.1
23 Car Advertising SlogansAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam85533.7
24 Cars of the 1950s: Part 1American Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,29057.7
25 Cars of the 1950s: Part IIAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam83261.6
26 Cars of the 1960s: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,47257.7
27 Cars of the 1960s: Part IIAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,43648.5
28 Cars of the 1970s: Part IAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam82258.4
29 Celebrity Drug Use and AbuseCulture, American Culture  KenKraska11148.9
30 Celebrity Drunks!Movie Stars, American Culture, Television Stars  KenKraska19649.6
31 Celebrity Gun ViolenceCrime & Law, American Culture  KenKraska7259.7
32 Celebrity TriviaAmerican Culture  patrickryan13857.9
33 Celebrity Trivia #2American Culture  patrickryan8943.1
34 Cereal MascotsTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Food & Drink  dartjock21971.3
35 Cereal Mascots: The 1950s and 1960sBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  Samurai Sam40740.2
36 Chevrolets of the 1960sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam14642.7
37 Chocolate: Learn All About It!American Culture, Food & Drink  tazzytina47345
38 Christie Brinkley - America's Favorite CovergirlComedy Movies, American CultureChristie L Brinkley  grant2282459.6
39 Cole Porter - The Musical Maestro of the 20th CenturyMusic, American CultureCole Porter  grant228190
40 Daniel BooneAmerican History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureDaniel Boone  bill50457.7
41 David "Davy" CrockettAmerican History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureDavy Crockett  patrickryan54554.1
42 Denim Jean SlogansAmerican Culture  FRANKL196534544.8
43 Dennis the MenaceAmerican TV Sitcoms, Comedy Movies, Literature, American Culture  bill31976.4
44 Detroit Celebrities of the 60s and 70sAmerican Culture  bill36370.3
45 Disneyland, The Happiest Place on EarthAmerican Culture  lmcubs20948
46 Donald Trump - The DonaldHistory, American History, American CultureDonald Trump  grant22811458.9
47 Dorothy Parker - Wit ExtraordinaireLiterature, American Culture, AuthorsDorothy Parker  grant2285443.7
48 Eliot Ness - Not according to his imageCrime & Law, Organized Crime, War Crime, Depression-Era Gangsters, American CultureEliot Ness  grant2288440.4
49 Ernest Hemingway - Muscular WriterAmerican History, Literature, American Culture, Authors, American AuthorsErnest M Hemingway  grant2283058
50 Fair Tax FactsAmerican Government, American Culture  bill8761.8
51 Famous Eagle Scouts: Go Scouting!American History, American Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  bill46848.3
52 Famous People Born In IndianaAmerican Culture  dartjock3669.2
53 Famous People from Ann Arbor, MichiganAmerican Culture  bill12045.8
54 Famous People from ChicagoAmerican Culture  bill3764.6
55 Famous People from MichiganAmerican Culture  bill4566.7
56 Famous People from MissouriAmerican History, American Culture  grant2289857.3
57 Famous People from OhioAmerican Culture  bill3673.9
58 Famous People from OklahomaAmerican Culture  phonerec12860.3
59 Famous People from OregonAmerican Culture  lmcubs10163.3
60 Famous People from Washington StateAmerican Culture  lmcubs10772.5
61 Famous People from WisconsinAmerican Culture  bill2467.5
62 Find the Right HanderAmerican Culture  Samurai Sam17721.8
63 FireworksCulture, American Culture, Holidays  dartjock82041.9
64 Fireworks and their ColorsCulture, American Culture, Holidays  dartjock2437.5
65 Ford Model TAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  bill48854.2
66 Ford Mustang: America's First Pony CarAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam1,86252.4
67 Fords of the 1950sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam63052
68 Fords of the 1960sAmerican Culture  Samurai Sam20354
69 Fords of the 1970sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam29453.1
70 Fourth of JulyAmerican History, American Revolutionary War, American Culture, Holidays  bill13277
71 Frances Bavier - Known to the world as "Aunt Bee"TV, Radio & Stage, The Andy Griffith Show, American CultureFrances Bavier  grant2282366.1
72 Frank Capra - Brilliant Movie DirectorMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, American CultureFrank Capra  grant2283249.1
73 Frank James, Brother of Jesse JamesOld West Lawmen & Outlaws, American CultureFrank James  scarlettem33451.5
74 Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life and ArchitectureAmerican History, Fine Arts, American CultureFrank L Wright  dave95245.2
75 Full-Sized Ford of the 1960sAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam7451.4
76 G.A. Custer: He Met His At Little Big HornAmerican History, American Civil War, American Culture, American MilitaryGeorge A Custer  patrickryan22067.6
77 General Motors: Identify the BrandAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  FRANKL196538765.8
78 Grab BagAmerican Culture  scarlettem19155.3
79 Groundhog DayAmerican Culture, Holidays  bill57660.8
80 Gunfight at the O.K. CorralOld West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  49374.2
81 Happy Days - Seasons 1 & 2 - Part 2TV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Happy Days  grant2282855.4
82 Happy Days episodes - Seasons 1 & 2TV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Happy Days  grant2282367.4
83 Harley Davidson: American Iron HorseAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  Samurai Sam2,18763.4
84 Harriet Beecher Stowe - U S Author and Social ConscienceHistory, American Civil War, Literature, American Culture, AuthorsHarriet B Stowe  grant2283538
85 Helen Keller: American Author, Activist and LecturerAmerican Culture, American AuthorsHelen A Keller  lmcubs12250
86 Henry David ThoreauLiterature, American Culture, Authors, American AuthorsHenry D Thoreau  grant2286863.5
87 Hunter S Thompson: Gonzo ReporterAmerican Culture, American AuthorsHunter S Thompson  patrickryan10961.1
88 Indian Larry: Chopper RoyaltyAmerican CultureIndian Larry  scarlettem32160.7
89 Infamous Old West TownsAmerican History, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  19577.4
90 Irving Berlin - America's Musical MaestroMusic, American CultureIrving Berlin  grant2283260.6
91 James Dean: American Cult IconMovie Stars, American CultureJames Dean  bill28665.2
92 Jim Thorpe: All Around ChampionSports, American CultureJim Thorpe  KenKraska3470
93 John Wesley Hardin: Frontier Bad GuyCrime & Law, Serial Killers, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  KenKraska16842.9
94 Kennedy Family TragediesAmerican History, American Culture  bill38072.9
95 Kentucky DerbySports, American Culture  bill6259.7
96 Kentucky Whiskey DistilleriesBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  bill3751.6
97 Larry Flynt - Constitutional ChampionAmerican History, Business, Culture, American CultureLarry Flynt  grant2282556.4
98 Lee Harvey Oswald: American AssassinAmerican History, Biographies, American Culture, AssassinationsLee Harvey Oswald  OJN19533158.1
99 Liberty BellAmerican History, American Culture  dartjock14259.2
100 Louis Dearborn L'Amour - Iconic Western AuthorAmerican Culture, American AuthorsLouis D L'Amour  patrickryan848.8

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