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Trivia Quiz - Jim Thorpe: All Around Champion

What do you know about the life and career of Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe?

Quiz Number: 4654
Date Submitted: August 21, 2012
Quiz Categories: Sports, American Culture
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: KenKraska
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Quiz is about: Jim Thorpe

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Jim Thorpe All Around Champion
(Image Source: Jim Thorpe @ Culinary Junkies)

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1. Thorpe was born into the Sac-Fox Native American tribe. In his people's native language his name was "Wa-Tho-Huk". What does this translate to in English?
  A.   Three Bulls Strong
  B.   Night Fox
  C.   Bright Path
  D.   Ghost Chasing Owl

2. Which famous coach first recognized Thorpe's amazing athletic abilities in prep school?
  A.   Glenn Westneat
  B.   Avery Brundage
  C.   Glenn "Pop" Warner
  D.   Vince Lombardi

3. What sports did Thorpe not play while at Carlisle College?
  A.   track & field
  B.   hockey
  C.   football
  D.   ball room dancing

4. In a college football game against Harvard in 1911 what accomplishment brought Thorpe to national prominence?
  A.   Scored all of his team's points.
  B.   Scored five touchdowns, five field goals, and five extra points.
  C.   Played both offense and defense.
  D.   None of the above.

5. Leading Carlisle College to the NCAA's football championship in 1911 Thorpe was a scoring machine. How well did he do?
  A.   Scored 25 touchdowns.
  B.   Scored 198 total points.
  C.   both A & B
  D.   None of the above

6. How many Gold Medals did Thorpe win at the 1912 Olympic Games?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

7. Which major league baseball team/s did Thorpe play for?
  A.   Boston Braves
  B.   Cincinnati Reds
  C.   NY Giants
  D.   All of the above.

8. In a 1951 movie about his life which Hollywood star played Thorpe?
  A.   Kirk Douglas
  B.   Burt Lancaster
  C.   None. Thorpe played himself.
  D.   Audie Murphy

9. In later life Thorpe suffered from what chronic condition?
  A.   addiction to painkillers
  B.   alcoholism
  C.   bone cancer
  D.   COPD

10. In a shockingly crass move Thorpe's widow did what after he died in 1953?
  A.   Sold his burial rights to a small town for a tourist attraction.
  B.   Kept the funereal money for herself and threw his body in a river.
  C.   Kept his body in storage until Oklahoma agreed to build a statue in Thorpe's honor.
  D.   All of the above.®   

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