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Trivia Quiz - James Dean: American Cult Icon

What do you know about the life, career and movies of cult hero James Dean?

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Date Submitted: December 09, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, American Culture
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: James Dean

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James Dean American Cult Icon
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1. James Dean starred in the movie, "Rebel Without a Cause." What was his character's name?
  A.   Jim Stark
  B.   John "Plato" Crawford
  C.   Chick
  D.   Moose

2. As a youngster, James Dean moved with his family to California from what state?
  A.   Illinois
  B.   Indiana
  C.   Iowa
  D.   Idaho

3. Since Dean's death, a "legend" has arisen that his Porsche 550 Spyder was "cursed" and supposedly injured or killed several others in the years following his death. What nickname had Dean given the car?
  A.   Devil Car
  B.   Little Bastard
  C.   Hell Rider
  D.   Killer Spyder

4. What role did James Dean play in the 1955 film, "East of Eden"?
  A.   Cal Trask
  B.   Adam Trask
  C.   Aron Trask
  D.   Will Hamilton

5. James Dean is referenced by name in the 1982 hit song "Jack and Diane". Who composed and performed the song?
  A.   John Mellencamp
  B.   Tom Petty
  C.   Steve Miller
  D.   Billy Joel

6. What role did James Dean play in the 1956 film, "Giant"?
  A.   Jordan 'Bick' Benedict Jr.
  B.   Jett Rink
  C.   Jordan Benedict III
  D.   Angel Obregón II

7. James Dean was immortalized in 1974 by a song sung by David Essex. What was the name of the song?
  A.   Rock and Roller
  B.   Rock On
  C.   Hey Kid
  D.   Blue Jeans and Leather

8. What actress was engaged to James Dean in 1952 and later wrote a book about their love called "Dizzy and Jimmy"?
  A.   Mary Tyler Moore
  B.   Elizabeth Montgomery
  C.   Liz Sheridan
  D.   Angie Dickinson

9. In 1955, Dean was the first actor to receive an Academy Award nomination posthumously. For what movie?
  A.   Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
  B.   Giant
  C.   Rebel Without a Cause
  D.   East of Eden

10. James Dean died on September 30, 1955 when his car collided with another in California. What had happened to James just two hours earlier?
  A.   took his car through a safety check
  B.   received a speeding ticket
  C.   got engaged
  D.   converted to Christianity®   

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