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Trivia Quizzes - Movie Stars

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1939: The Greatest Year in Film History!Movies, Movie Stars  bill44670.4
2 1980s & 1990s Actress-Character Match GameMovie Stars, Movies: By Decade, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  GrantBeagle61176.9
3 Actors & Actresses Last Movie & TV RolesMovie Stars, Television Stars  Samurai Sam67457.6
4 Actors Who Turned Down Premier Movie RolesMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  FRANKL196555034.2
5 Actors Who've Played the Frankenstein MonsterMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha61850.9
6 Actors Who've Played the MummyMovie Stars, Horror Movies  bill21649.1
7 Actors Who've Played the VampireMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha73750.5
8 Actors Who've Played the WerewolfMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha59954.4
9 Adam Sandler: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsAdam Sandler  bill52240.9
10 Al Pacino: His Movie CharactersMovie StarsAl Pacino  LittleLady34047.3
11 Alan Young - Young by Name and Young at HeartMovie Stars, Television StarsAlan Young  grant2284355.3
12 Angela Lansbury - Enduring and Gracious ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsAngela B Lansbury  grant22811254.3
13 Angelina Jolie: #2Movie StarsAngelina Jolie  BubblyJolie27758.6
14 Angelina Jolie: "Little Angel"Movie StarsAngelina Jolie  krystal24763.4
15 Angie DickinsonMovie Stars, Television StarsAngie Dickinson  dave21956.3
16 Ann-Margret: Career HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsAnn Margret  bill26540.2
17 Anne Bancroft: Sophisticated ActressMovie StarsAnne Bancroft  dana19148.5
18 Anne HathawayMovie StarsAnne Hathaway  BubblyJolie3447.4
19 Anne Hathaway: Beautiful ActressMovie StarsAnne Hathaway  BubblyJolie10660.3
20 Anthony Hopkins - Classic ActorMovie StarsAnthony Hopkins  dartjock5460.9
21 Ashley JuddMovie Stars, Television StarsAshley Judd  bill7240.1
22 Audie Murphy - Decorated War Hero and ActorAmerican History, Movie Stars, World War IIAudie L Murphy  grant22828265.9
23 Audrey Hepburn: Film IconMovie StarsAudrey Hepburn  phonerec33664.9
24 Audrey Meadows & Jayne Meadows: Hollywood SistersMovie Stars, Television StarsAudrey Meadows  bill7549.2
25 Australian ActorsMovie Stars  lmcubs13776.9
26 Ava Gardner: Golden Era ActressMovie StarsAva Gardner  bill24652.8
27 Barbara Stanwyck - Actress ExtraordinaireMovie StarsBarbara Stanwyck  grant22820861.2
28 Ben Stiller: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsBen Stiller  0zero08247.2
29 Bette Davis: Her Later Acting YearsMovie StarsBette Davis  bill14766.7
30 Bette Davis: Her Time in the Golden EraMovie StarsBette Davis  bill32156.9
31 Betty Grable Trivia Movie StarsBetty Grable  dave8356.1
32 Bill Murray: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsBill Murray  0zero010646.8
33 Bill PaxtonMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersBill Paxton  bill3758.4
34 Billy Bob Thornton: Multi-Dimensional EntertainerMovie Stars, SingersBilly Bob Thornton  0zero07049.4
35 Billy CrystalMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsBilly Crystal  bill8150.1
36 Bing Crosby: Classic CroonerMovie Stars, SingersBing Crosby  lmcubs28244.5
37 Bing Crosby: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, SingersBing Crosby  bill24153.4
38 Bob Hope: Personal Life of a CelebrityTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, ComediansBob Hope  bill28055.5
39 Brad PittMovies, Movie StarsBrad Pitt  grant2281363.8
40 Brigitte Bardot Movies, Movie StarsBrigitte A Bardot  grant2285356.8
41 Brittany DanielMovie Stars, Television StarsBrittany Daniel  bill353.3
42 Bruce LeeMovie Stars, Television StarsBruce Lee  dartjock31964.6
43 Bruce Willis - Action ManMovies, Movie StarsBruce Willis  grant2286658.5
44 Burt Lancaster: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsBurt Lancaster  0zero012454.2
45 Burt Reynolds: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsBurt Reynolds  martha17850.4
46 Buster Keaton: Silent & Talkie Film StarMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersBuster Keaton  madman17570.4
47 Canadian CelebritiesMovie Stars, Comedy Movies, Comedians  7473.4
48 Carl ReinerMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Television StarsCarl Reiner  bill9337.5
49 Carole Lombard: "Queen of Screwball Comedy"Movie StarsCarole Lombard  dana6049
50 Carroll O'Connor: A Solid PerformerMovie Stars, Television Stars, All in the FamilyCarroll O'Connor  bill26453.2
51 Cary Grant: Debonair & Charismatic ActorMovie StarsCary Grant  bill16757.6
52 Celebrities Behaving Badly on PlanesMovie Stars, Singers  patrickryan5455
53 Celebrities Who Died on HolidaysMovie Stars, Holidays  madman64936.9
54 Celebrities' Former ProfessionsMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill11639.2
55 Celebrities: Their Celebrity ChildrenMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs34261.4
56 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #2Movie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs19755.4
57 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #3Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem12878
58 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #4Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem12667.8
59 Celebrity Birthdates: 1950sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill8149
60 Celebrity Birthdates: 1960sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill9341.2
61 Celebrity Couples' Age DifferencesMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill26734
62 Celebrity Drunks!Movie Stars, American Culture, Television Stars  KenKraska19849.5
63 Celebrity Mish-MashMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill40457.4
64 Celebrity RoommatesMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs13051
65 Charles Bronson--TV and Film Tough GuyTV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsCharles Bronson  0zero031966.3
66 Charlie Chaplin: Iconic Film ActorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersCharlie Chaplin  bill18852
67 Charlton Heston: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsCharlton K. Heston  0zero07045.6
68 Cheech Marin: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsCheech Marin  bill9750
69 Chevy Chase: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsChevy Chase  lagunaxgirl7439.7
70 Chris Farley: His Comedy CareerMovie Stars, Television StarsChris Farley  bill20749.6
71 Christian Bale: Acting Career HighlightsMovie StarsChristian Bale  bill7369.5
72 Christopher LeeMovie StarsChristopher FC Lee  dartjock5960.3
73 Christopher Reeve - A Super Man!Movie StarsChristopher Reeve  lmcubs19759.5
74 Christopher Walken: Unique American ActorMovie StarsChristopher Walken  2952.8
75 Clark Gable and Carole Lombard - Hollywood LoversMovie Stars  grant2287753.8
76 Clark Gable: Macho Actor & Military HeroMovie StarsClark Gable  tristan20555.3
77 Claude Rains - Consummate ActorMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie CharactersClaude Rains  grant2283160
78 Claudette Colbert: Screwball Comedy QueenMovie StarsClaudette Colbert  bill6751
79 Clint Howard: Quintessential Second FiddleMovie Stars, Television StarsClint Howard  bill7545.5
80 Cloris Leachman: Enduring ActressMovie Stars, Television Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowCloris Leachman  bill5449.3
81 Craig T. NelsonMovie Stars, Television StarsCraig T Nelson  bill3550.3
82 Daniel Radcliffe - Much more than Harry PotterMovies, Movie StarsDaniel Radcliffe  grant228870
83 Danny DeVito: His CareerMovie Stars, Television StarsDanny DeVito  LittleLady38636.2
84 Danny DeVito: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsDanny DeVito  LittleLady12739
85 Danny Thomas: A Philanthropist and StarMovie Stars, Television StarsDanny Thomas  lmcubs12254.4
86 David Spade - Hollywood Funny GuyMovie Stars, Television StarsDavid Spade  dave8764.1
87 Dean Martin: Personal FactsMovie Stars, SingersDean Martin  scarlettem48563.8
88 Debbie Reynolds - Darling of the MusicalsMovies, Movie StarsDebbie Reynolds  grant22813664.8
89 Deborah Kerr - "Rhymes with Star"Movies, Movie StarsDeborah Kerr  grant2285668.6
90 Diane Keaton: Movie RolesMovie StarsDiane Keaton  0zero06847.4
91 Diane Keaton: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsDiane Keaton  0zero04256.9
92 Dick Van DykeMovie Stars, Television StarsDick Van Dyke  bill20858.8
93 Disney Cartoon CharactersMovie Stars, Animated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters, Animated Movies  grant22816845
94 Dixie CarterMovie Stars, Television StarsDixie Carter  bill2255.9
95 Dolly Parton - A Big Star!Movie Stars, Country MusicDolly Parton  lmcubs40371
96 Dom DeLuise: Actor, Comedian and Much MoreMovie StarsDom DeLuise  0zero04457.3
97 Donna Reed: The Girl Next DoorMovie Stars, Television StarsDonna Reed  catherine16255.2
98 Drew Barrymore: She's Magical!Movie StarsDrew Barrymore  bill18055.1
99 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: WWE SuperstarMovie Stars, Football, Professional WrestlingDwayne D Johnson  dartjock12046.9
100 Eartha Kitt - Sexy StarTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, SingersEartha Kitt  lmcubs4259

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