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Trivia Quizzes - Football

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 AFL: Arena Footbal League Team NamesFootball  FRANKL19651578.7
2 Alex Karras-Athlete and ActorFootballAlex Karras  dartjock1355.4
3 Ben RoethlisbergerNFL Football, FootballBen Roethlisberger  dartjock8566.5
4 Bubba Smith: "Kill Bubba Kill"FootballBubba Smith  trickymutha3152.3
5 CFL: Canadian Football League Teams Past and PresentFootball  FRANKL19652379.1
6 Dan FoutsNFL Football, FootballDan Fouts  zeppy733655.6
7 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: WWE SuperstarMovie Stars, Football, Professional WrestlingDwayne D Johnson  dartjock11347.1
8 Fictitious Movie Quarterback's NumbersMovies, Fictional Characters, Football  FRANKL19652045
9 Joey GallowayFootballJoey Galloway  dartjock651.7
10 NFL Europe: City-Team Match GameNFL Football, Football  FRANKL19651179.1
11 O.J. SimpsonCrime & Law, FootballO.J. Simpson  BubblyJolie64074.5
12 Rod Woodson-Elite CornerbackFootballRod Woodson  dartjock675
13 The Sydney SwansSports, Football, Australian Football League  grant2285470.6
14 Troy PolamaluNFL Football, FootballTroy A Polamalu  dartjock5950.8
15 USFL: Defunct Football LeagueFootball  FRANKL19658275.7
16 USFL: Team Names IFootball  FRANKL19653192.6
17 USFL: Team Names IIFootball  FRANKL19656990.9
18 Walter Payton- Sweet RunnerFootballWalter Payton  dartjock6263.2
19 WFL: World Football League TeamsFootball  FRANKL19651383.8
20 XFL: Defunct Football LeagueFootball  FRANKL19651569.3

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