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Trivia Quizzes - Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 12 Angry Men (1957)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk13254.3
2 1939: The Greatest Year in Film History!Movies, Movie Stars  bill44370.3
3 2000s Movie PotpourriMovies  grant2285539.6
4 American Graffiti BasicsMovies  lmcubs49370.7
5 American Graffiti CharactersMovies  lmcubs23071.1
6 Bend It Like Beckham Movies  zendyk34175.9
7 Big BusinessMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk6761.6
8 Down in the Delta: Part TwoMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk2066.5
9 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Movies  zendyk3171.3
10 Freaky Friday: (1976)Movies, Comedy Movies  zendyk7465.4
11 Funny FarmMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk9082.8
12 I Hate Valentine's Day: Genevieve's Dating PhilosophyMovies  zendyk663.3
13 Moonstruck Movies  zendyk27378.2
14 Music and Lyrics Movies  zendyk2364.3
15 Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie CastMovies  LittleLady9575.3
16 Rocky Horror Picture Show QuotesMovies  LittleLady15779.7
17 Smoke Signals: Part OneMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk12365.5
18 Smoke Signals: Part TwoMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk7271.7
19 The Letter WriterMovies  zendyk666.7
20 The Stand: Character MatchMovies, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec7681.7
21 The Trial of Billy JackMovies  zendyk2347
22 The War: Part TwoMovies  zendyk638.3
23 A Night at the Opera - Marx Brothers MadnessMovies, Comedy Movies  grant2282262.7
24 Academy Awards BasicsMovies  dana17746
25 Actors Who Turned Down Premier Movie RolesMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  FRANKL196554834.1
26 Adventures in BabysittingMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk9580.6
27 Akeelah and the BeeMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk61461
28 American Dreamer Movies, Comedy Movies  zendyk2774.8
29 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Hollywood Big ManMoviesArnold Schwarzenegger  dartjock4069.3
30 Arsenic and Old Lace - Comedy ClassicMovies, Comedy Movies, American Culture  grant22824861.3
31 Bette Midler - Dazzling DivaMusic, MoviesBette Midler  grant2284873.4
32 Blast From the PastMovies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk6363.3
33 Bond GirlsMovies  dartjock3567.4
34 Brad PittMovies, Movie StarsBrad Pitt  grant2281072
35 Breaking Away - Movie QuizMovies  grant2285766.7
36 Brigitte Bardot Movies, Movie StarsBrigitte A Bardot  grant2285356.8
37 Bring It OnMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk1278.3
38 Bruce Willis - Action ManMovies, Movie StarsBruce Willis  grant2286658.5
39 Cameron Diaz: Movie RolesMoviesCameron Diaz  dartjock1256.7
40 Chick Flicks Part 1Movies  lmcubs22778.6
41 Chick Flicks Part 2Movies  lmcubs21488.3
42 Chick Flicks Part 3Movies  lmcubs18384.6
43 Christopher Lloyd- His Life and Movie RolesMoviesChristopher Lloyd  dartjock2957.6
44 Chuck Norris-Tough GuyMovies, Television StarsChuck Norris  dartjock6638.2
45 Claude Akins- Powerful ActorMoviesClaude Akins  dartjock8856.3
46 Claude Rains - Consummate ActorMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie CharactersClaude Rains  grant2283160
47 Comic Book Heroes in the MoviesMovies, Fantasy Movies  lmcubs19084.5
48 Country Singers in the MoviesMovies, Country Music  scarlettem38766.3
49 Daniel Radcliffe - Much more than Harry PotterMovies, Movie StarsDaniel Radcliffe  grant228584
50 Debbie Reynolds - Darling of the MusicalsMovies, Movie StarsDebbie Reynolds  grant22813165.1
51 Deborah Kerr - "Rhymes with Star"Movies, Movie StarsDeborah Kerr  grant2285468.1
52 Definitely, MaybeMovies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk10570.4
53 Directors & Their FilmsMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers  Samurai Sam6760.6
54 Disney's The KidMovies  zendyk4464.1
55 Dustin Hoffman - Talented ActorMoviesDustin Hoffman  dartjock3840.5
56 Emilio EstevezMoviesEmilio Estevez  dartjock5266.9
57 Famous Last Lines in MoviesMovies  Samurai Sam12043.1
58 Famous Movie QuotesMovies  LittleLady22657.9
59 Famous Movie Quotes #2Movies  lmcubs8360.2
60 Famous Television & Movie DrunksTV, Radio & Stage, Movies  Samurai Sam21863.7
61 Famous TV and Movie StonersMovies, American TV Sitcoms  Samurai Sam29073.9
62 Fictitious Movie Quarterback's NumbersMovies, Fictional Characters, Football  FRANKL19652045
63 Footloose (1984)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk12361.6
64 Footloose (2011)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk25064
65 Forrest Gump: "Simple" VersionMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk6377.6
66 Forrest Gump: Devotee's VersionMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk5658
67 Frank Capra - Brilliant Movie DirectorMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, American CultureFrank Capra  grant2283348.5
68 Frank Sinatra - Ol' Blue EyesMusic, Movies, Movie Stars, SingersFrank A Sinatra  grant2289963.7
69 Freaky Friday (2003)Movies, Comedy Movies  zendyk23765.8
70 George Clooney - Debonaire StarMovies, Movie StarsGeorge Clooney  grant2282159
71 Goodbye, Mr Chips!Movies  grant22818063.9
72 Grand CanyonMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk562
73 Great Movie Actors and Their FilmsMovies  GrantBeagle14361.5
74 Greer Garson - Movie IconMovies, Movie StarsGreer Garson  grant2281267.5
75 Gwyneth PaltrowMovies, Movie StarsGwyneth Paltrow  grant228574
76 Helen Keller Portrayed on Stage and ScreenTV, Radio & Stage, MoviesHelen A Keller  lmcubs7139.7
77 Henry Mancini Movie MusicMusic, MoviesHenry Mancini  grant2282354.3
78 Hitchcock Actors and Actresses in Multiple RolesMovies, Movie StarsAlfred Hitchcock  grant2284272.6
79 Hitchcock Roles in Hitchcock FilmsMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersAlfred Hitchcock  grant2283149
80 Hugh Jackman "World's Sexiest Man"Movies, Movie StarsHugh M Jackman  grant2282046.5
81 Humphrey Bogart Movie QuotesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282464.2
82 James Bond Movies: All About 007!Movies, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  GrantBeagle21678.6
83 James Stewart FilmsMovies  grant2288458.5
84 Jane Fonda - Fitness GuruMoviesJane Fonda  dartjock4366.5
85 Joanne Woodward - All Class!Movies, Movie StarsJoanne GT Woodward  grant2282252.7
86 John Mills Film RolesMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie CharactersJohn Mills  grant2281560.7
87 Kathleen Turner - Luscious ActorMovies, Drama Movies, Adventure MoviesKathleen Turner  grant2283555.1
88 Kevin Kline -versatile and enduring actorMovies, Movie StarsKevin Kline  grant228465
89 Kim Basinger- Actress/ Fashion ModelMoviesKim Basinger  dartjock3256.9
90 Kingdom ComeMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk6569.1
91 Kingdom Come 2001 QuizMovies, Comedy Movies  0NA
92 Last Movie Roles for Select StarsTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Movie Stars  Samurai Sam3071.3
93 Lemonade MouthMovies  zendyk9389.1
94 Leonardo DiCaprio - Hollywood SuperstarMovies, Movie Stars, Drama MoviesLeonardo DiCaprio  grant2284040.8
95 Like Stars on EarthMovies, Drama Movies, Musical Movies  zendyk18857
96 Louis Armstrong - The One and Only Satchmo!Music, Movies, Jazz and BluesLouis Armstrong  grant22830544.3
97 Man, Woman, and ChildMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk380
98 Mark WalhbergMoviesMark Wahlberg  dartjock2575.6
99 Matthew McConaughey - Man of many rolesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282052
100 Michael Caine - Talented ActorMoviesMichael Caine  dartjock1140.9

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