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Trivia Quizzes - Country Music

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Classic Country Music Lyric-Title MatchCountry Music  scarlettem1,55469.7
2 Country Love Songs: 1950's - 80'sCountry Music  lmcubs47468.6
3 Country Music Hits of the 1970sCountry Music  bill61281
4 Country Singers in the MoviesMovies, Country Music  scarlettem40665.9
5 Dixie Chicks: "Fly" LyricsCountry Music  zendyk9358.3
6 Dolly Parton - A Big Star!Movie Stars, Country MusicDolly Parton  lmcubs42071
7 Garth Brooks - Country Singer for the AgesCountry MusicGarth Brooks  lmcubs33359.7
8 George Jones- Country Music LegendCountry MusicGeorge Jones  dartjock30059.2
9 George Strait: Country Music Star!Country MusicGeorge Strait  phonerec69473.9
10 Glen CampbellMusic, Country MusicGlen Campbell  bill25257.7
11 Hank Williams: Super Singer and SongwriterCountry MusicHank Williams  scarlettem23263.3
12 Ira Louvin: Country MusicianCountry MusicIra Louvin  scarlettem2862.1
13 Jack Clement: Legendary SingerCountry MusicJack Clement  scarlettem2053
14 Jim Reeves: Country Music StarCountry Music, Pop MusicJim Reeves  scarlettem25163.5
15 Jimmy Buffett "Songs You Know by Heart"Country Music, SingersJimmy Buffett  lmcubs20772.9
16 Jimmy Buffett: Boomer IconCountry MusicJimmy Buffett  lmcubs1,26554.5
17 John DenverCountry Music, Folk Music, SingersJohn Denver  BENJ9547863
18 John Denver Song LyricsMusic, Country Music, Folk Music, SingersJohn Denver  BENJ9510667.2
19 John Hiatt: American MusicianCountry MusicJohn Hiatt  scarlettem3461.5
20 Johnny CashCountry Music, Folk MusicJohnny Cash  dave85158.3
21 Johnny Winter or Edgar Winter?Jazz and Blues, Country Music, Southern Rock  bill5772.6
22 Kenny Rogers: The GamblerCountry Music, SingersKenny Rogers  martha28244.4
23 Kitty Wells: "The Queen of Country Music"Country MusicKitty Wells  0zero08037.3
24 Loretta Lynn: Country Music SensationCountry MusicLoretta Lynn  scarlettem68481.1
25 Marty Robbins: Country Music LegendCountry MusicMarty Robbins  scarlettem16852.1
26 Mary Chapin Carpenter: Talented Country SingerCountry MusicMary Chapin Carpenter  0zero020870.2
27 Merle Haggard- Country Music OutlawCountry MusicMerle Haggard  dartjock26750.6
28 Mike Nesmith: More Than Just a Monkee!Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, The MonkeesMichael Nesmith  madman32362.9
29 Porter Wagoner: County Music LegendCountry Music, SingersPorter Wagoner  bill21859.3
30 Ray Stevens: Novelty Song WriterComedians, Country Music, SingersRay Stevens  dartjock8039.3
31 Reba McEntire - "The Queen of Country"Television Stars, Country MusicReba McEntire  lmcubs24257.1
32 Tammy Wynette: First Lady of Country MusicCountry Music, SingersTammy Wynette  0zero028548.5
33 Taylor Swift: Country Singing SensationCountry MusicTaylor Swift  lmcubs19162.6
34 Taylor Swift: Secret MessagesCountry Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie7161.3
35 Taylor Swift: Secret Messages Part 2Country Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie3548.9
36 The Allman Brothers Band: A Super Southern Rock BandCountry Music, Southern Rock  0zero028769.2
37 The Judds' Song Album MatchCountry Music  bill7753.1
38 The Statler Brothers: Country GentlemenMusic, Country Music  scarlettem21962.8
39 Toby Keith: Handsome Country SingerCountry MusicToby Keith  scarlettem20258.8
40 Tom T. Hall: Country Music Star!Country MusicTom T Hall  scarlettem14959.1
41 Waylon Jennings: Country OutlawCountry MusicWaylon Jennings  scarlettem40372.2
42 Who Sang These Songs?Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec65458.7
43 Who Sang These Songs? Part 2Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec47660.4
44 Willie Nelson: Country Music LegendCountry MusicWillie Nelson  scarlettem36657

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