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Trivia Quiz - Toby Keith: Handsome Country Singer

What do you know about country singer, Toby Keith? This has to be the best Toby Keith trivia quiz anywhere!

Quiz Number: 3070
Date Submitted: January 17, 2009
Quiz Categories: Country Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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Quiz is about: Toby Keith

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Toby Keith Handsome Country Singer
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1. What was Toby's debut single?
  A.   How Do You Like Me Now
  B.   Dream Walkin
  C.   Should've Been A Cowboy
  D.   Beer For My Horses

2. Where was Toby born?
  A.   Clinton , Oklahoma
  B.   El Paso, Texas
  C.   Pigeon Forge , Tenn.
  D.   Lubbock , Texas

3. With what other country music act has Toby had a much publicized feud?
  A.   The Highwaymen
  B.   The Dixie Chicks
  C.   Johnny Cash and June Carter
  D.   Marty Robbins

4. What is the name of Toby's recording company?
  A.   Nashville Catz
  B.   Shockin Y'All Records
  C.   How Do You Like Me Now Records
  D.   Show Dog Nashville

5. What position did Toby play on his high school football team?
  A.   tail back
  B.   quarterback
  C.   tight end
  D.   defensive end

6. What was the name of the band Toby formed when he was 20?
  A.   The Oklahoma Roughnecks
  B.   Easy Money
  C.   The Show Dogs
  D.   Webb, Smith and Toby

7. Toby once worked as an operation manager in what industry?
  A.   auto industry in Detroit
  B.   coal mining in West Virginia
  C.   oil fields of Oklahoma
  D.   Indian Gaming Casinos in Oklahoma

8. Where did Toby hang out when he first moved to Nashville in 1993?
  A.   Tootsies
  B.   Houndogs
  C.   The Ernest Tubb Record Shop
  D.   Twitty City

9. For which American auto maker has Toby done commercials?
  A.   Saturn
  B.   Chrysler
  C.   Jeep
  D.   Ford

10. With what rocker did Toby tour in 2005?
  A.   Ted Nugent
  B.   Alice Cooper
  C.   Ozzy Osbourne
  D.   Neil Young®   

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