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Trivia Quiz - Who Sang These Songs? Part 2

Another go at song titles. See if you know who sang these songs. Phonerec

Quiz Number: 1846
Date Submitted: December 04, 2007
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: phonerec
Average Score: 60.4 percent
Times Taken: 474 times
Taken by Registered Users: 48

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Who Sang These Songs Part 2
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1. Your Momma Don't Dance, and Your Daddy Don't Rock n Roll:
  A.   Doobie Brothers
  B.   Loggins and Messina
  C.   The Eagles
  D.   Hall and Oates

2. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds:
  A.   The Beatles
  B.   The Stones
  C.   Led Zepplin
  D.   Aerosmith

3. Before He Cheats:
  A.   Reba McIntire
  B.   Faith Hill
  C.   Martina McBride
  D.   Carrie Underwood

4. Rock n Roll Heaven:
  A.   Rightious Brothers
  B.   Little River Band
  C.   Little Richard
  D.   Doobie Brothers

5. China Grove:
  A.   Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  B.   Little Feat
  C.   Doobie Brothers
  D.   Jackson Browne

6. More Than a Feeling:
  A.   The Eagles
  B.   Boston
  C.   Elton John
  D.   Billy Joel

7. Dixie Chicken:
  A.   Little Feat
  B.   Boz Skaggs
  C.   Bee Gees
  D.   Gary Puckett

8. Higher Love:
  A.   Bad Company
  B.   Aerosmith
  C.   Allen Parsons Project
  D.   Steve Winwood

9. The Boys are Back in Town:
  A.   Bad Company
  B.   Thin Lizzy
  C.   Blood Sweat and Tears
  D.   John Cougar Mellencamp

10. Tightrope:
  A.   Leon Russell
  B.   Marshall Tucker Band
  C.   Peter Frampton
  D.   The Guess Who®   

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