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Trivia Quiz - Ira Louvin: Country Musician

What do you know about this wonderful country musician? Ira Louvin trivia right here!

Quiz Number: 2916
Date Submitted: November 25, 2008
Quiz Categories: Country Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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Quiz is about: Ira Louvin

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Ira Louvin Country Musician
(Image Source: Ira Louvin)

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1. Ira's birth name was
  A.   Isaac Brian Louvin
  B.   Ira Davis Jefferson
  C.   Ira Lonnie Loudermilk
  D.   Charles Ira Louvin

2. Ira was a
  A.   Adventist
  B.   Baptist
  C.   Catholic
  D.   Methodist

3. Ira had what kind of addiction problem?
  A.   Alcoholism
  B.   prescription pain pills
  C.   gambling
  D.   cocaine

4. What did Ira's third wife do to him?
  A.   embezzled all of his manager when she was his manager
  B.   smashed a mandolin over his head onstage
  C.   shot him three times in the back after he attempted to strangle her
  D.   spray painted his Cadilliac neon green with graffitti

5. What instrument did Ira play?
  A.   mandolin
  B.   classical violin
  C.   12- string guitar
  D.   zither

6. What was the cause of Ira's death?
  A.   alcohol poisoning
  B.   drunk driving
  C.   drowning
  D.   electrocution

7. Where was Ira born?
  A.   Little Rock , Arkansas
  B.   Kansas City, Kansas
  C.   Section , Alabama
  D.   Winchester, VA

8. Ira was a member of
  A.   The Blue Sky Boys
  B.   The Louvin Brothers
  C.   The Loudermilk Duo
  D.   Two Alabama Boys

9. Ira and his brother got their start performing on a morning radio show in
  A.   Birmingham
  B.   Chattanooga
  C.   Wheeling
  D.   West Memphis

10. In 1951 Ira and his brother signed a contract with what recording company?
  A.   Reprise
  B.   Sun
  C.   Decca
  D.   MGM®   

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