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Trivia Quizzes - Comedians

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Benny Hill: Prolific English ComicComedians, TV Variety ShowsBenny Hill  bill12852
2 Bill Cosby: A Funny Man!TV, Radio & Stage, ComediansBill Cosby  Secret_Author15651.8
3 Billy CrystalMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsBilly Crystal  bill5049.4
4 Bob Hope: Personal Life of a CelebrityTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, ComediansBob Hope  bill24455.8
5 Bob NewhartComedians, Television StarsBob Newhart  bill13263.3
6 Canadian CelebritiesMovie Stars, Comedy Movies, Comedians  Joe_515270.4
7 Carol Burnett: Career HighlightsComedians, TV Variety ShowsCarol Burnett  phonerec13551.9
8 Carol Burnett: Personal Life of a CelebrityComedians, TV Variety ShowsCarol Burnett  phonerec22256.1
9 Carol Burnett: Show Business HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, Comedians, Fine ArtsCarol Burnett  phonerec9557.8
10 Comedian's QuotesComedians  garrett24564.8
11 ComediansComedians  dartjock5870.5
12 Comedians of YesteryearComedians  charles27969.7
13 Dave Barry: Very Funny Man!ComediansDave Barry  phonerec2052.5
14 David LettermanComedians, TV Talk ShowsDavid Letterman  bill2372.6
15 Don Rickles: Comic Genius!ComediansDon Rickles  bill13268.3
16 Ellen DeGeneres: Career HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, ComediansEllen DeGeneres  garrett8241.2
17 Fran Drescher: Comic Genius!Comedians, Television StarsFran Drescher  bill13359.5
18 Garry Shandling: Standup Comic and WriterComediansGarry Shandling  phonerec3158.4
19 George Carlin - His Life "Firsts"ComediansGeorge Carlin  LittleLady10037.1
20 Groucho Marx: Comedic IconComediansGroucho Marx  dartjock2754.8
21 Jack Benny: Talented EntertainerTV, Radio & Stage, ComediansJack Benny  scarlettem9863.6
22 Jason AlexanderMovie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsJason Alexander  bill6842.6
23 Jerry Seinfeld: Professional HighlightsComedians, SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld  dana9160.4
24 Jerry StillerMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsJerry Stiller  bill2048
25 Jimmie WalkerComedians, TV SitcomsJimmie Walker  dartjock2943.8
26 Joan Rivers: Comedian Extraordinaire!Comedians, TV Talk ShowsJoan Rivers  bill24449.1
27 Larry Storch: Boy from the Bronx Who Made GoodTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, ComediansLarry S Storch  grant2285863.8
28 Larry the Cable Guy: Over the Top Hilarity!Comedians, Television StarsDaniel Whitney  bill4264.5
29 Laurel and Hardy: Classic Comedy DuoComedians, Old Time Comedy Short Films  bill21954.6
30 Michael RichardsComedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsMichael Richards  bill5747.2
31 Paul Reubens: aka Pee-wee HermanMovie Stars, ComediansPaul Ruebens  bill3383.9
32 Phyllis Diller: Stand-Up Comedy Genius!ComediansPhyllis Diller  bill5554.9
33 Ray Romano: Comic Genius!ComediansRay Romano  bill4150.2
34 Ray Stevens: Novelty Song WriterComedians, Country Music, SingersRay Stevens  dartjock5738.2
35 Rich Little: Man of a Thousand VoicesComediansRich Little  madman4836.3
36 Richard Dawson: One of Hogan's HeroesComedians, TV Game Shows, Television StarsRichard Dawson  dartjock10064.2
37 Rodney Dangerfield - No Respect!Movie Stars, ComediansRodney Dangerfield  patrickryan4554.4
38 Ron White: Blue Collar Comedy Tour AceComediansRon White  cindilee9076.7
39 Sandra Bernhard: Big Time ComedienneComedians, Television StarsSandra Bernhard  MrMarbles6255
40 SCTV: Character MatchComedians, TV Variety Shows  Joe_511667.5
41 SCTV: Landmark Canadian ComedyComedians, TV Variety Shows  Joe_512477.1
42 Seth GreenComedians, Television StarsSeth Green  Jobee1k1752.9
43 Show Business: There's No Business Like It!Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Big Band, Comedians  eorounds20218.2
44 Stand Up ComicsComedians  Samurai Sam10465.1
45 Stand-Up Comics Who've Headlined SitcomsAmerican TV Sitcoms, Comedians  bill24092.2
46 Steve Martin: What a Talent!Movie Stars, ComediansSteve Martin  bill2149.5
47 The Marx BrothersComedians  dartjock2362.2
48 The Marx Brothers: Absolute Comic GeniusTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, Comedians  bill15459.2
49 The Unknown ComicComedians  dartjock1858.9
50 Tim Allen EssentialsComedians, Television StarsTim Allen  dave26356.5
51 Tim Conway: Ad Lib Comedy Genius!Comedians, TV Variety ShowsTim Conway  bill10947.1
52 Tommy Chong: Personal Life of a CelebrityComediansTommy Chong  bill12569.7
53 Wayne Knight: "Hello Newman..."Movie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsWayne Knight  bill4448
54 Will FerrellMovie Stars, Comedians, Saturday Night LiveWill Ferrell  bill5856.6

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