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Trivia Quizzes - Seinfeld

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Seinfeld - Fun FactsSeinfeld  dave56181.1
2 Seinfeld - Fun Facts #2Seinfeld  LittleLady34963.4
3 Seinfeld - Fun Facts #3Seinfeld  LittleLady27954.1
4 Seinfeld -- All About ElaineFictional Characters, Seinfeld  LittleLady42637.7
5 Seinfeld -- All About GeorgeFictional Characters, Seinfeld  LittleLady38848.9
6 Seinfeld -- All About JerryFictional Characters, Seinfeld  LittleLady36753.1
7 Seinfeld -- All About KramerFictional Characters, Seinfeld  LittleLady35946.8
8 Seinfeld Recurring CharactersSeinfeld  LittleLady21186.9
9 Seinfeld: The Actors Who Played The People They DatedSeinfeld  LittleLady14563.9
10 Seinfeld: The Actresses Who Played Jerry's GirlfriendsSeinfeld, Television Stars  bill60149.6
11 Jason AlexanderMovie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsJason Alexander  bill6343.3
12 Jerry Seinfeld: Professional HighlightsComedians, SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld  dana8859.8
13 Julia Louis-DreyfusMovie Stars, Seinfeld, Television StarsJulia Louis-Dreyfus  bill6157.9
14 Michael RichardsComedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsMichael Richards  bill5346.6
15 Wayne Knight: "Hello Newman..."Movie Stars, Comedians, Seinfeld, Television StarsWayne Knight  bill3946.9

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