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Trivia Quiz - Seinfeld - Fun Facts #2

Questions about Seinfeld characters, Seinfeld episodes and Seinfeld trivia!

Quiz Number: 1053
Date Submitted: April 11, 2007
Quiz Categories: Seinfeld
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
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Seinfeld  Fun Facts 2
(Image Source: Seinfeld Cast)

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1. What is George's ATM code?
  A.   Roscoe
  B.   Vandelay
  C.   Bosco
  D.   velvet

2. Elaine got her boyfriend black-listed from which restaurant?
  A.   Monks
  B.   Reggies
  C.   Hop Sings
  D.   IHOP

3. In the "Second Spitter" story, who was on the grassy knoll?
  A.   Keith Hernandez
  B.   Roger McDowell
  C.   Reggie Jackson
  D.   Joe DiMaggio

4. Which character won the "Contest"?
  A.   George
  B.   Kramer
  C.   Elaine
  D.   Jerry

5. What was the name of the alcoholic drink that couldn't be smelled on breath?
  A.   Harrigans
  B.   Hennigans
  C.   Harrisons
  D.   Hannigans

6. What are the names of Elaines "Bizarro" friends?
  A.   Kevin, Gene & Feldman
  B.   Kenny, Gene & Jackman
  C.   Jerry, George & Kramer
  D.   John, Gene & Kelcy

7. When George gets "caught" by his mother, what magazine is he looking at?
  A.   Cosmo
  B.   Victoria's Secret
  C.   Glamour
  D.   Good Housekeeping

8. What is Jerry's favorite food?
  A.   cereal
  B.   Poppy's pizza
  C.   soup
  D.   steak

9. What did Kramer call the fragrance that Calvin Klein steals from him?
  A.   The Ocean
  B.   The Shore
  C.   The Beach
  D.   The Sun

10. In the parking garage, what is Kramer carrying?
  A.   Elaine's golfish
  B.   air conditioner
  C.   stereo
  D.   television®   

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