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Trivia Quiz - Jerry Seinfeld: Professional Highlights

Can you answer some questions about the career of Jerry Seinfeld?

Quiz Number: 3090
Date Submitted: February 16, 2009
Quiz Categories: Comedians, Seinfeld
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dana
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Quiz is about: Jerry Seinfeld

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Jerry Seinfeld Professional Highlights
(Image Source: Jerry Seinfeld @ Wikimedia Commons)

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1. In one of his first television appearances, Jerry Seinfeld made a short stint on a 1976 HBO special starring what comedian?
  A.   Rodney Dangerfield
  B.   George Carlin
  C.   Carol Burnett
  D.   Bill Cosby

2. Jerry had a small recurring role as Frankie, a mail delivery boy, on what 1979 sitcom?
  A.   Diff’rent Strokes
  B.   Benson
  C.   Empty Nest
  D.   Night Court

3. In 1981, Jerry made his first appearance on a talk show. Which show was it?
  A.   The Merv Griffin Show
  B.   Late Night with David Letterman
  C.   The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  D.   The Mike Douglas Show

4. What 1950s sitcom was the inspiration behind Jerry's television sitcom "Seinfeld"?
  A.   The Danny Thomas Show
  B.   Father Knows Best
  C.   Leave it to Beaver
  D.   The Abbott and Costello Show

5. Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry's semi-fictional version of himself in the sitcom "Seinfeld," lived in an apartment. What was his apartment number?
  A.   5A
  B.   5B
  C.   5C
  D.   5D

6. Who was the only actor to appear in every episode of "Seinfeld"?
  A.   Jerry Seinfeld
  B.   Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  C.   Jason Alexander
  D.   Michael Richards

7. Jerry co-created and co-wrote "Seinfeld." During what two seasons did he also work as the show's executive producer?
  A.   seasons 1-2
  B.   seasons 3-4
  C.   seasons 5-6
  D.   seasons 8-9

8. What was the title of the book that Jerry authored in 1993?
  A.   Morning Thunder
  B.   Jerry
  C.   Comedy, the Seinfeld Way
  D.   Seinlanguage

9. For what character did Jerry provide the voice in the 2007 movie, "Bee Movie"?
  A.   Adam Flayman
  B.   Barry Bee Benson
  C.   Mooseblood the Mosquito
  D.   Martin B. Benson

10. In 2007, Jerry got upset at Larry King during an interview on "Larry King Live." Why did he get upset?
  A.   King called Jerry's stand-up routines "ordinary."
  B.   King called Jerry's show, "Seinfeld," a "variety show."
  C.   King apparently thought that Jerry's show, "Seinfeld" had been cancelled when in fact it had simply ended.
  D.   King cut Jerry's time on the show short of what he had expcted.®   

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