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Trivia Quizzes - Comedy Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 A Christmas Story Part 2Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk4077.3
2 A Christmas Story: A Great Christmas Movie!Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies  LittleLady75664.9
3 A Christmas Story: Part 1Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk6975.8
4 A Simple Twist of FateComedy Movies  zendyk1062
5 About a Boy Comedy Movies  zendyk14968.4
6 Adventures in BabysittingComedy Movies  EddieJoe9459.9
7 All I Want for ChristmasComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk3464.4
8 April's ShowerComedy Movies  zendyk432.5
9 Arthur: The 1981 FilmComedy Movies  LittleLady23373.6
10 As Good As It GetsComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk10762.7
11 Baby BoomComedy Movies  zendyk10562.5
12 Back to School: Movie BasicsComedy Movies  FRANKL196512380.7
13 Bad Santa: A Dark Comedy for the HolidaysComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  Samurai Sam50550.7
14 Barefoot in the Park Comedy Movies  zendyk6059.2
15 Benny and JoonComedy Movies  zendyk5662.7
16 Beverly Hills ChihuahuaComedy Movies  perfectfatgirl5372.8
17 Beverly Hills ChihuahuaComedy Movies  belieber2269.5
18 Big BusinessMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk5564
19 Big Daddy: Movie BasicsComedy Movies  LittleLady30158
20 Blazing Saddles: Western Spoof!Comedy Movies, Western Movies  bill38176.8
21 Breakfast with ScotComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk2100
22 Cold Comfort FarmComedy Movies  zendyk1866.7
23 Coming To AmericaComedy Movies  zendyk8361.9
24 Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 Comedy Movies  zendyk862.5
25 Danny DeckchairComedy Movies  zendyk2178.6
26 DaveComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk5571.8
27 Dumb and Dumber: Movie ChallengeComedy Movies  FRANKL196522070.9
28 Elizabethtown (Easy Version)Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk1189.1
29 Elizabethtown (Fanatic's Version)Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk1866.7
30 Fast Times at Ridgemont HighComedy Movies  Jobee1k11373
31 Forrest Gump Movie QuotesComedy Movies, Drama Movies  bill30080.8
32 Freaky Friday: (1976)Movies, Comedy Movies  zendyk5566.9
33 Funny FarmMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk6882.8
34 History of the World Part I: Mel Brooks Classic Spoof!Comedy Movies  LittleLady10462.5
35 Home Alone 2: Easy VersionComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk8272.1
36 Home Alone 2: Fanatic's VersionComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk7149.3
37 Home Alone: Easy VersionComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk12373.6
38 Home Alone: Fanatic's VersionComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk25151.6
39 HousesitterComedy Movies  zendyk4452.7
40 I Don't Know How She Does ItComedy Movies  zendyk666.7
41 It Happened One Night - a Movie ClassicComedy Movies  lmcubs7963.7
42 Joe Dirt: Classic White TrashComedy Movies  cindilee23282
43 Liar LiarComedy Movies  bill10373.4
44 Little ManhattanComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk13066.8
45 Man of the HouseComedy Movies  zendyk1357.7
46 Manhattan Murder MysteryComedy Movies  zendyk1075
47 Meet the ParentsComedy Movies  LittleLady36172.2
48 Men in Black: Easy VersionComedy Movies, Sci Fi Movies  zendyk5065.2
49 Men in Black: Fanatic's VersionComedy Movies, Sci Fi Movies  zendyk9370.3
50 Monster-In-Law Comedy Movies  zendyk5470.4
51 Monty Python and the Holy GrailComedy Movies  bill21078.9
52 Mr. MomComedy Movies  bill4278.2
53 Mrs. DoubtfireComedy Movies  zendyk26961.3
54 My Big Fat Greek WeddingComedy Movies  zendyk28071.2
55 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: A Modern Holiday Classic!Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies  Samurai Sam1,54166
56 National Lampoon's European VacationComedy Movies  LittleLady16855.7
57 National Lampoon's VacationComedy Movies  LittleLady42948.1
58 National Lampoons Christmas VacationComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  LittleLady57866.9
59 Office Space: Movie ChallengeComedy Movies  FRANKL196510066.9
60 Outrageous Fortune Comedy Movies  zendyk4268.3
61 Overboard Comedy Movies  zendyk48960
62 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Part OneComedy Movies  zendyk9668
63 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Part TwoComedy Movies  zendyk2264.1
64 Porky's: A Wild Movie!Comedy Movies  ravioli19078.9
65 Road To... Movies with Bob Hope & Bing CrosbyComedy Movies  bill4548.2
66 Scrooged: An Unusual Take On a ClassicComedy Movies, Christmas Movies  0zero010275.9
67 Sleepless in Seattle Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk16468.5
68 Smoke Signals: Part OneMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk5172.7
69 Smoke Signals: Part TwoMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk3573.7
70 Snow DayComedy Movies  zendyk1463.6
71 Spanglish Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk24557.2
72 Stranger Than FictionComedy Movies  zendyk3879.5
73 Stripes: The MovieComedy Movies  FRANKL196518874.6
74 The Big LebowskiComedy Movies  charles3188.1
75 The BirdcageComedy Movies  bill3486.5
76 The Blues Brothers: A Mission From GodComedy Movies  lmcubs23374.8
77 The Breakfast ClubComedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk9257.8
78 The Breakfast Club Movie TidbitsComedy Movies  Hayley27366
79 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: AllisonComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk1280
80 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: AndrewComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk1666.9
81 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: BrianComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk1865
82 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: ClaireComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk1486.4
83 The Breakfast Club Roll Call: JohnComedy Movies, Fictional Characters  zendyk2084.5
84 The First Wives ClubComedy Movies  zendyk10868.2
85 The Great Outdoors: Movie Fun!Comedy Movies  kdasmoot27368.4
86 The Holiday Comedy Movies  zendyk5970.5
87 The Importance of Being Earnest: Funny British Movie!Comedy Movies  katkade5361.7
88 The Last Holiday Comedy Movies  zendyk9169.1
89 The Money PitComedy Movies  zendyk10256.9
90 The Out of Towners: Part OneComedy Movies  zendyk490
91 The Out of Towners: Part TwoComedy Movies  zendyk666.7
92 The Preacher's Wife Comedy Movies, Drama Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk19156.5
93 The Santa Clause 2Comedy Movies, Fantasy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk32540.3
94 The Santa Clause Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk19558.5
95 The Trouble With AngelsComedy Movies  zendyk4370.5
96 The Trouble With Harry Comedy Movies  zendyk2558.8
97 The Wedding Singer: Romantic Comedy FilmComedy Movies  Hayley20572.7
98 Tommy Boy: Actor Character Match GameComedy Movies  bill13870.4
99 Tommy Boy: Hilarious Film!Comedy Movies  ravioli83477.5
100 Tortilla Soup Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk23339.9

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