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Trivia Quiz - The Blues Brothers: A Mission From God

A great classic movie that always makes me smile! So many famous people had cameo parts. -lmcubs

Quiz Number: 1131
Date Submitted: April 24, 2007
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 75.3 percent
Times Taken: 264 times
Taken by Registered Users: 31

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The Blues Brothers A Mission From God
(Image Source: Blues Brothers)

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1. On what TV show were we first introduced to Jake and Elwood?
  A.   "Laugh In"
  B.   "Fridays"
  C.   "American Bandstand"
  D.   "Saturday Night Live"

2. They needed to take some money to Chicago, why?
  A.   pay off their speeding tickets
  B.   pay bail for their other brother
  C.   pay taxes for a school
  D.   pay for a new license for the Bluesmobile

3. What kind of car was the Bluesmobile?
  A.   1974 Dodge Monaco
  B.   1975 Chevy Impala
  C.   1973 Ford Fairlaine
  D.   1971 Cadillac

4. Who played the parole officer?
  A.   Paul Shaffer
  B.   John Candy
  C.   John Belushi
  D.   Steve Martin

5. Who played the jilted fiancee?
  A.   Meg Ryan
  B.   Bernadette Peters
  C.   Carrie Fisher
  D.   Jamie Curtis

6. Who was the waitress in the Soul Food Cafe?
  A.   Patty LaBelle
  B.   Aretha Franklin
  C.   Ella Fitzgerald
  D.   Diana Ross

7. Who played the Nazi leader?
  A.   Dan Rowan
  B.   Chevy Chase
  C.   Billy Crystal
  D.   Henry Gibson

8. Who was the lady left waiting at the motel?
  A.   Twiggy
  B.   Cybil Shepherd
  C.   Cindy Crawford
  D.   Cheryl Tiegs

9. Who played the clerk who received the money from Jake and Elwood?
  A.   Joe Walsh
  B.   John Landis
  C.   George Lucas
  D.   Steven Speilberg

10. The tag line for this movie was, "They'll never get caught. They're . . ."
  A.   "...indestuctible"
  B.   "...faster than lightning"
  C.   "...the Blues Brothers"
  D.   "...on a mission from God"®   

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