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Trivia Quiz - Coming To America

In spite of some poor reviews, I think "Coming To America" is one of Eddie Murphy's most charming films. If you have seen it, take my quiz and see what you can recall!

Quiz Number: 5181
Date Submitted: November 15, 2013
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Coming To America
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1. According to the king of Zamunda, there is a fine line between love and:
  A.   hate
  B.   infatuation
  C.   nausea
  D.   sex

2. Why does Akeem's father send him to the U.S.?
  A.   to check out American universities
  B.   to find a wife
  C.   to sow his royal oats
  D.   to learn about the real world

3. What is the name of the barber shop featured in the film?
  A.   The King of Queens
  B.   Kirby's Kuts
  C.   My-T-Sharp
  D.   Willie's Barber Shop

4. Who makes a cameo appearance in a scene at the barber shop?
  A.   Bill Cosby
  B.   Morgan Freeman
  C.   Cuba Gooding Jr.
  D.   Sidney Poitier

5. What is the name of Randy Watson's band?
  A.   Buff Duchess
  B.   Double Cream
  C.   Neon Bamboo
  D.   Sexual Chocolate

6. What is the main difference between a Big Mac and a Big Mick?
  A.   The Big Mick doesn't contain special sauce.
  B.   The Big Mick uses ground turkey.
  C.   The Big Mick's buns don't have sesame seeds on top.
  D.   The Big Mick contains tomatoes.

7. One scene in "Coming To America" is an homage to which Eddie Murphy film?
  A.   48 Hrs.
  B.   Beverly Hills Cop
  C.   The Golden Child
  D.   Trading Places

8. How does the flag of Zamunda look?
  A.   green and red with a red dragon
  B.   yellow and green with a white griffin
  C.   black and green with a yellow lion
  D.   black and red with a black rhino

9. In what housing division do the McDowell's live?
  A.   Brentwood Estates
  B.   Copperwood Canyon
  C.   Jamaica Estates
  D.   Juniper Hills

10. What is the name of the McDowell's dog?
  A.   Betty
  B.   Ditto
  C.   Bitsy
  D.   Dottie®   

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