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Trivia Quiz - Home Alone: Fanatic's Version

Here's a "Home Alone" quiz for those who have watched the movie over and over. I hope you enjoy it!

Quiz Number: 5211
Date Submitted: December 17, 2013
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 49 percent
Times Taken: 592 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7

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Home Alone Fanatics Version
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1. What restaurant delivered pizza to the McCallisters' home?
  A.   Little Caesar's
  B.   Little Italy
  C.   Little Nero's
  D.   Little Venice

2. When Kevin woke up alone in the house, he turned on the TV in the kitchen. What was playing at the time?
  A.   It's a Wonderful Life.
  B.   Holiday Inn
  C.   Miracle on 34th Street
  D.   White Christmas

3. What movie did Kevin watch while eating junk?
  A.   The Trouble with Angels
  B.   Where Angels Fear to Tread
  C.   Angels with Filthy Souls
  D.   Angels with Tommy Guns

4. What was the McCallisters' house number?
  A.   167
  B.   716
  C.   671
  D.   761

5. What kind of aftershave did Kevin use while he was home alone?
  A.   Brut
  B.   Chaps
  C.   Old Spice
  D.   Sea Breeze

6. What did Harry and Marv's van say on the side?
  A.   Danfield Flowers
  B.   Handy Dandy Carpet Cleaners
  C.   Little Italy Pizza
  D.   Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating

7. What brand of laundry soap did Kevin use to wash his clothes?
  A.   Cheer
  B.   Era
  C.   Gain
  D.   Tide

8. What was Gus Polinski's band called?
  A.   the Polka Kings
  B.   the Kenosha Kickers
  C.   the Polka Dots
  D.   the Western Skies

9. On what street did the McCallisters live?
  A.   Adams Street
  B.   Lincoln Blvd
  C.   Roosevelt Lane
  D.   Washington Ave

10. According to Old Man Marley, you're never to old:
  A.   to change
  B.   to forgive
  C.   for Kool-Aid
  D.   to be afraid®   

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