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Trivia Quiz - Man of the House

This is a cute family film for Chevy Chase fans. It was Jonathan Taylor Thomas' first movie (that he actually appeared in.)

Quiz Number: 3910
Date Submitted: April 05, 2011
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Man of the House
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1. Ben and his mom made a collage out of:
  A.   menus from restaurants they had been to
  B.   postcards from places they had visited on vacations
  C.   things they found on the beach
  D.   objects collected on their walks in the woods

2. Joey and his mob try to kill Jack by:
  A.   cutting the brake lines on his car
  B.   planting a bomb in his briefcase
  C.   pushing him off of a bridge
  D.   shooting him from a distance

3. Jack told Sandy he was going to bring ________ when he moved in with her.
  A.   a beer can collection
  B.   a huge ball of used dental floss
  C.   a rock polisher
  D.   a family of stuffed squirrels

4. Jack made this for breakfast his first morning in Ben and Sandy's home:
  A.   a cheese souffle
  B.   chocolate donuts with sprinkles
  C.   eggs Benedict with caviar
  D.   Wine Eggs Mornay

5. Which of the following is NOT true of Norman?
  A.   His father is a circus performer.
  B.   He often gets stuffed into his locker at school.
  C.   He knows how to do elaborate beadwork.
  D.   He wears an Indian vest to school.

6. Ben's favorite video game:
  A.   Gakmor 5000
  B.   Grand Theft Auto
  C.   Subhumanoid Slaughterhouse
  D.   Vampire Trolls

7. Leonard Red Crow was chief of what tribe?
  A.   Apache
  B.   Hopi
  C.   Minotauk
  D.   Salish

8. What song did the Indian Guides sing on their campout?
  A.   99 Bottles of Beer
  B.   Down in the Valley
  C.   Louie, Louie
  D.   on Top of Old Smokey

9. Ben learned how to do all of the following except:
  A.   build a teepee
  B.   do a raindance
  C.   shoot a bow and arrow
  D.   throw a tomahawk

10. Ben and Jack fought off Joey's mob using all of the following except:
  A.   a beehive
  B.   bows and arrows
  C.   a slingshot
  D.   a tomahawk®   

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