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Trivia Quiz - The Breakfast Club

Most everyone remembers this classic film of the 80s, starring the "Brat Pack". How well do you remember it? Take my quiz and see!

Quiz Number: 5244
Date Submitted: January 19, 2014
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 56.5 percent
Times Taken: 182 times
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The Breakfast Club
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1. What was the name of the high school where the story took place?
  A.   Eisenhower
  B.   Radson
  C.   Shermer
  D.   Wilson

2. What was the janitor's name?
  A.   Bob
  B.   Carl
  C.   Dick
  D.   Joe

3. What song were the kids whistling when Vernon walked in?
  A.   Beethoven's 5th Symphony
  B.   The Colonel Bogey March
  C.   Over There
  D.   A Spoonful of Sugar

4. Which two kids were sent to get drinks at lunch?
  A.   Andrew and Allison
  B.   Brian and Allison
  C.   Allison and Claire
  D.   Claire and Andrew

5. When Vernon declared that he would not be made a fool of, the kids observed something about him that made them laugh. What was it?
  A.   His fly was open.
  B.   Toilet paper was stuck to his shoe.
  C.   A toilet seat cover was hanging out of his pants.
  D.   His toupee was coming off.

6. Whose file was Vernon reading when the janitor found him?
  A.   Mr. Dyler's
  B.   Miss Just's
  C.   Mrs. Latham's
  D.   Mr. Tierney's

7. On what date was this particular Saturday detention?
  A.   December 3rd
  B.   February 12th
  C.   January 17th
  D.   March 24th

8. At the time of the story, for how long had Vernon been teaching?
  A.   30 years
  B.   22 years
  C.   28 years
  D.   19 years

9. What kind of beer did Vernon and the janitor drink in the file room?
  A.   Blue Lake
  B.   Old Sage
  C.   Red Mountain
  D.   Treetop

10. What song did the kids dance to near the end of the film?
  A.   Heavy Metal Breakdown
  B.   It's My Life
  C.   99 Luftballoons
  D.   We Are Not Alone®   

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