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Trivia Quiz - The Birdcage

Nathan Lane was a scream in "The Birdcage" and Robin Williams was not exactly a slouch either!

Quiz Number: 5378
Date Submitted: August 13, 2014
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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The Birdcage
(Image Source: The Birdcage Poster @ IMDB)

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1. What city is the setting for the 1996 comedy film, "The Birdcage"?
  A.   Houston
  B.   Los Angeles
  C.   Miami
  D.   San Francisco

2. In what manner are Barbara's parents going to meet Val's parents?
  A.   dinner at the Goldman's
  B.   dinner at the Keely's
  C.   picnic in the park
  D.   lunch at the local restaurant

3. Barbara's father is an ultraconservative Republican Senator named Kevin Keeley who is the founder of what organization?
  A.   Christian Right
  B.   Moral Majority
  C.   God in America
  D.   Coalition for Moral Order

4. Senator Keeley's colleague, Senator Jackson, was found dead in the bed of whom?
  A.   a bisexual illegal alien
  B.   a gay man
  C.   a transvestite
  D.   an underage African-American prostitute

5. To cover the truth, what does Barbara tell her parents that Armand does for a living?
  A.   interior designer
  B.   male model
  C.   cultural attaché to Greece
  D.   translator

6. What is the name of the Goldman's flamboyant gay housekeeper?
  A.   Agador
  B.   Nigel
  C.   Cyril
  D.   Cecil

7. The original plan constructed by Armand, Barbara and Val is to have Albert act as who?
  A.   Val's boss
  B.   next door neighbor
  C.   Val's uncle
  D.   none of the above

8. To hide their Jewish background, Barbara changes the family's last name (Armand and Val) from Goldman to what?
  A.   Smith
  B.   Coleman
  C.   Gauer
  D.   Von Sader

9. What is the name of the drag club owned by Armand Goldman?
  A.   The Birdcage
  B.   Felicity's
  C.   Emerald Club
  D.   Cubby Hole

10. Why is Katherine late for dinner?
  A.   her mother fell ill
  B.   stuck in traffic
  C.   her dryer broke down
  D.   car broke down®   

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