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Trivia Quiz - Adventures in Babysitting

What do you know about the fun film "Adventures in Babysitting"?

Quiz Number: 3949
Date Submitted: June 07, 2011
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: EddieJoe
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Adventures in Babysitting
(Image Source: Adventures in Babysitting)

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1. In the opening scene, we see Chris Parker, high school senior, preparing for a big date. As she's dressing, she's lip-synching and dancing to a classic 1960's tune. Which one?
  A.   Be My Baby
  B.   Then He Kissed Me
  C.   My Guy
  D.   My Boyfriend's Back

2. Part of the film's plot revolves around Chris' friend, Brenda, who runs away from home and gets stranded in a bus station. She has no money and needs her friend Chris to come pick her up. Which actress played Brenda?
  A.   Maia Brewton
  B.   Marcia Bennett
  C.   Monica Devereux
  D.   Penelope Ann Miller

3. In one scene, Chris and her charges are chased by bad guys. They duck into the nearest door, only to find themselves onstage at a blues club. To leave the stage they must sing a blues song. Who is the well-known blues artist that helps them?
  A.   Bobby 'Blue' Bland
  B.   Albert King
  C.   B. B. King
  D.   Albert Collins

4. What is the name of the club where Chris and the kids perform?
  A.   The Aqua Room
  B.   The Blue Moon
  C.   The Red Rose
  D.   The Silver Dollar Room

5. Part of the movie's sub-plot involves a comic twist - Chris strongly resembles a magazine centerfold model and she is mistaken for her several times. What's the name of the centerfold model?
  A.   Charlene
  B.   Charlotte
  C.   Sheila
  D.   Shaylene

6. The story takes place in the suburbs of what large US city?
  A.   New York
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Los Angeles
  D.   Boston

7. Daryl Coopersmith finds notes in a magazine that incriminate the car thieves. What type of "girlie" magazine is it?
  A.   Penthouse
  B.   Hustler
  C.   Playboy
  D.   Oui

8. At what speed does Chris travel to beat the Anderson's home?
  A.   85
  B.   80
  C.   75
  D.   70

9. What actress played the babysitter, Chris Parker?
  A.   Elisabeth Shue
  B.   Penelope Ann Miller
  C.   Jennifer Jason Leigh
  D.   Phoebe Cates

10. Which studio released "Adventures in Babysitting"?
  A.   Paramount Pictures
  B.   Touchstone Pictures
  C.   Orion Pictures
  D.   Universal Pictures®   

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