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Trivia Quizzes - Fantasy Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneFiction Books, Fantasy Movies  bbdd41136364.3
2 Harry Potter: The ActorsFantasy Movies  lmcubs19983.6
3 Miracle on 34th Street - the 1947 versionFantasy Movies, Christmas Movies  lmcubs19166.3
4 Miracle on 34th Street: Later VersionsFantasy Movies, Christmas Movies  lmcubs17040.8
5 The Lord of the Rings Character MatchFiction Books, Fantasy Movies  madman39787.6
6 The Nightmare Before ChristmasFantasy Movies, Halloween, Christmas Movies  bill66378.1
7 The Santa Clause 2Comedy Movies, Fantasy Movies, Christmas Movies  zendyk32540.3
8 The Wizard Of Oz Cast and CrewFantasy Movies, Musical Movies  tkellz34447
9 The Wizard of Oz Character MatchFantasy Movies, Musical Movies  garrett43587.5
10 The Wizard of Oz QuotesFantasy Movies, Musical Movies  bill1,05463.9
11 The Wizard of Oz Quotes: Part 2Fantasy Movies, Musical Movies  bill21269.9
12 Three WishesDrama Movies, Fantasy Movies  zendyk343.3
13 X-Men MutantsFantasy Movies  lmcubs18992.3
14 A Clockwork Orange: The MovieSci Fi Movies, Drama Movies, Fantasy Movies  Joe_516977.1
15 Blade Runner: Classic Sci-Fi FilmSci Fi Movies, Drama Movies, Fantasy Movies  Joe_517586.7
16 Comic Book Heroes in the MoviesMovies, Fantasy Movies  lmcubs17384
17 Great Disney Villains of All-TimeAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fantasy Movies  solitaire42779.6
18 Jack SkellingtonFictional Characters, Fantasy Movies  dave53575.4
19 Kiss Basics #1Fantasy Movies, Rock Music, Glam Rock, KISS  dartjock8884.8
20 Kiss Basics #3Fantasy Movies, Glam Rock, KISS  dartjock3567.4
21 Planet of the Apes: The Original Film Sci Fi Movies, Fantasy Movies  Joe_5114275.6
22 SpidermanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies  dartjock5578
23 Steven Spielberg - Renowned Film DirectorMovies, Horror Movies, Drama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Fantasy Movies, Adventure Movies, American CultureSteven Spielberg  grant2288248.7
24 Tarzan - Lord of the ApesAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Literature, TV Sci-Fi, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies, American Culture, Children's Books, Radio  dartjock13972.7
25 The Green Hornet TV Sci-Fi, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies  dartjock9067.3
26 Wonder WomanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies, American Culture  dartjock1,27966.7

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