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Trivia Quizzes - Rock Music

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Aussie RockersPop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam9569.7
2 Autobiographical Songs of the Rock EraRock Music  Samurai Sam10965.1
3 Band Names - How they were devisedPop Music, Rock Music, Alternative Rock  grant2287246.8
4 Barenaked Ladies-"If I Had a Million Dollars", and More!Music, Pop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam655
5 Boz ScaggsJazz and Blues, Pop Music, Rock MusicBoz Scaggs  bill4062
6 Bruce Springsteen: "The Boss"Singers, Rock MusicBruce Springsteen  trickymutha15555.5
7 Burton Cummings: Rock's Greatest Voice?Singers, Rock MusicBurton Cummings  bill15647.9
8 Cheap TrickRock Music  bill4076.3
9 Corey Taylor - Behind the MaskRock MusicCorey Taylor  eyelessgavin85762
10 David Bowie: Influential MusicianPop Music, Singers, Rock Music, Glam RockDavid Bowie  bill4780.4
11 Duran DuranRock Music  bill26085.6
12 Earth, Wind & FireJazz and Blues, Pop Music, R&B Music, Rock Music  bill10052.4
13 Eddie Vedder: Great Musician!Rock MusicEddie Vedder  scarlettem27571.4
14 Elton John Album - Song MatchRock MusicElton H John  phonerec4956.9
15 Fleetwood Mac: Rock GiantPop Music, Rock Music  bill6060.5
16 Freddie Mercury: Queen's LeaderRock MusicFreddie Mercury  tazzytina25170
17 Get the KnackMusic, Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music, Alternative Rock  Samurai Sam3663.3
18 Greetings & Salutations in Song TitlesRock -n- Roll, Rock Music  Samurai Sam12473.5
19 Heart: Ann & Nancy Wilson Rock!Rock Music  0zero039848.7
20 Hillel SlovakPop Music, Rock MusicHillel Slovak  101842948.9
21 Hot and Cold SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196511663.7
22 Jeff Beck: Guitarist ExtraordinaireRock MusicJeff Beck  bill71362.4
23 Jerry Garcia- Music IconRock MusicJerry Garcia  dartjock10470.4
24 Jimi Hendrix- Iconic GuitaristRock MusicJimi Hendrix  dartjock3161
25 Jimmy Page: Legendary GuitaristRock MusicJimmy Page  dartjock7960.5
26 John Cougar MellencampRock MusicJohn Mellencamp  dartjock5965.3
27 John Mayer: Born & RaisedPop Music, Singers, Rock Music, Jazz RockJohn Mayer  Samurai Sam3853.9
28 Kid RockMusic, Rock -n- Roll, Rap and Hip-Hop, Singers, Rock MusicKid Rock  dartjock18959.4
29 Kiss Basics #1Fantasy Movies, Rock Music, Glam Rock, KISS  dartjock9283.6
30 Loverboy: Canadian Rock BandRock Music  cindilee17275.2
31 Mick Jagger - Rock IconMusic, Rock Music  grant2281551.3
32 Patrick Moraz: Keyboardist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, Yes, Rock MusicPatrick Moraz  yarstruly5973.4
33 Record Albums of the 1960s, Part 1Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam19278.9
34 Robbie Rist: American Actor & MusicianThe Brady Bunch, Rock Music, Television StarsRobbie Rist  FRANKL19656657.1
35 Rock and Roll Obscure Facts #1Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196515441.6
36 Rock and Roll Obscure Facts #2Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196515239.5
37 Rock Songs About DogsRock Music  madman25459.4
38 Rock Songs with Snow or Ice in the TitleRock Music  bill4767
39 Rock Songs with the Word "Rain" in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  bill19670.9
40 Rock Songs with the Word "Sun" in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  martha16863.8
41 Rock Songs with Winter in the TitleRock Music  bill2744.8
42 Rod StewartSingers, Rock MusicRod Stewart  bill20372.2
43 Ronnie James DioSingers, Heavy Metal, Rock MusicRonnie Dio  jetrose817765.1
44 Roxy MusicRock Music  bill5176.7
45 Santana: Latin Rock SensationRock Music  bill1469.3
46 Songs Featuring U.S. State NamesMusic, Rock Music  FRANKL19658274.8
47 Songs of Color: Part 2Music, Pop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam3662.5
48 Songs with the Word "Without" in the TitleMusic, Rock Music  Samurai Sam19961.4
49 Steve Miller BandRock Music  bill4955.3
50 Steve Van Zandt: American MusicianRock MusicSteven Van Zandt  scarlettem4048
51 Steve WinwoodSingers, Rock MusicSteve Winwood  bill3146.5
52 Stevie Ray Vaughan- Blues GuitaristRock MusicStevie Vaughan  dartjock8667.3
53 Styx: American Rock BandRock Music  bill5364.7
54 The Alan Parsons ProjectProgressive Rock, Rock Music  bill3981
55 The Eagles: The Glory YearsRock Music  bill8954.7
56 The Guess Who: Iconic Canadian Rock BandRock -n- Roll, Rock Music  tristan6150.7
57 The Police: Blonde Rock Ambition!Rock Music  bill7057
58 Todd Rundgren: Versatile MusicianRock MusicTodd Rundgren  bill6358.9
59 Tom Petty - Musical IconRock MusicTom Petty  dartjock14157.6

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