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Trivia Quizzes - Yes

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Alan White: Drummer ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesAlan White  yarstruly11475.9
2 Bill Bruford: Drummer ExtraordinaireJazz and Blues, YesBill Bruford  yarstruly4980.2
3 Chris Squire: Bassist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesChris Squire  yarstruly34188.6
4 Jon Anderson: Yes Co-FounderProgressive Rock, Yes, SingersJon Anderson  yarstruly16570.7
5 Patrick Moraz: Keyboardist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, Yes, Rock MusicPatrick Moraz  yarstruly6173.4
6 Steve Howe: Guitarist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesSteve Howe  yarstruly22162.5
7 Tony Kaye: Master KeyboardistProgressive Rock, YesTony Kaye  yarstruly6469.5
8 Trevor Rabin: Musician, Vocalist and SongwriterProgressive Rock, YesTrevor Rabin  yarstruly8076.5
9 Yes: A Glimpse at the Early Years (1968-70)Yes  bill9676.6
10 Yes: Classic Lineup Years (1970-74)Yes  bill14785
11 Yes: Perpetual Change (1974-1981)Yes  bill10180.7
12 Yes: Reunited (1983-1988)Yes  bill7166.9
13 Yes: Sporting Two Bands at Once (1988-1992)Yes  bill7470
14 Yes: Strumming Through the 90s (1992-2000)Yes  bill4871
15 Yes: Welcome to the New Millenium (2000 and beyond)Yes  bill6867.9

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