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Trivia Quiz - Jon Anderson: Yes Co-Founder

Answer these questions about singer Jon Anderson, most famous for his work with Yes.

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Date Submitted: September 10, 2009
Quiz Categories: Progressive Rock, Yes, Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: yarstruly
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Quiz is about: Jon Anderson

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Jon Anderson Yes Co Founder
(Image Source: Jon Anderson @ Images EOnline)

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1. In what UK town was Jon born?
  A.   Sheffield
  B.   Newcastle
  C.   Accrington
  D.   Bornemouth

2. Under what stage name did Jon release his rendition of "Never My Love"?
  A.   Johnny Anders
  B.   Hans Christian Anderson
  C.   John Roy
  D.   The Leprechaun

3. In the early 60's Jon performed with his brother Tony in a band called what?
  A.   The Warriors
  B.   Yes
  C.   Jonny & the Rockets
  D.   The Evermost

4. Which of these was an occupation that Jon was employed as before turning to music full-time?
  A.   Librarian
  B.   Shoe-Shine Boy
  C.   Milkman
  D.   Hairdresser

5. With whom did Jon meet in 1968 that led to the formation of Yes?
  A.   Steve Howe
  B.   Chris Squire
  C.   Tony Kaye
  D.   Bill Bruford

6. Shortly after they met, Jon and the person who is the correct answer in #5 wrote which song that would be included on the 1st Yes album?
  A.   Harold Land
  B.   Survival
  C.   Sweetness
  D.   Beyond & Before

7. What is the only full-fledged Yes album WITHOUT Jon Anderson?
  A.   90125
  B.   Drama
  C.   Magnification
  D.   Time and a Word

8. With which keyboardist, once considered for a position in Yes, did Jon record several albums?
  A.   Vangelis
  B.   Eddie Jobson
  C.   Tom Brislin
  D.   Keith Emerson

9. Which Yes song has Jon been quoted as saying is his favorite?
  A.   Close to the Edge
  B.   Roundabout
  C.   In the Presence Of...
  D.   Awaken

10. Which of these is the title of Jon's FIRST solo album?
  A.   Olias of Sunhillow
  B.   Three Ships
  C.   Earthmotherearth
  D.   The Promise Ring®   

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