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Trivia Quizzes - Jazz and Blues

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Bill Bruford: Drummer ExtraordinaireJazz and Blues, YesBill Bruford  yarstruly5180.2
2 Boz ScaggsJazz and Blues, Pop Music, Rock MusicBoz Scaggs  bill6262.6
3 Buddy RichJazz and BluesBuddy Rich  bill3749.7
4 Calling all Julie London fansTV, Radio & Stage, Music, Movies, Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Singers, Television StarsJulie London  rocketgirl0NA
5 Earth, Wind & FireJazz and Blues, Pop Music, R&B Music, Rock Music  bill17651.5
6 Jay BeckensteinJazz and Blues, Jazz RockJay Beckenstein  Tornado Warning875
7 Johnny Winter or Edgar Winter?Jazz and Blues, Country Music, Southern Rock  bill5772.6
8 Louis Armstrong - The One and Only Satchmo!Music, Movies, Jazz and BluesLouis Armstrong  grant22836542.9
9 Miles Davis: Modern Jazz Great!Jazz and BluesMiles Davis  dave49249.8
10 Peter TorkJazz and Blues, Rock -n- Roll, The MonkeesPeter Tork  phonerec14462.8
11 Show Business: There's No Business Like It!Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Big Band, Comedians  eorounds24017.9
12 Tom Waits: Music Star!Jazz and BluesTom Waits  Tadhg12850.4

Grand Averages for these 12 Quizzes     51.3®   

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