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Trivia Quizzes - Music

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 "Crazy" About These SongsMusic  lmcubs11162.8
2 "Santa Baby" LyricsMusic, Christmas  BubblyJolie12964.2
3 "Wild" Songs: Song Titles Featuring the Word "Wild"Music, Pop Music  FRANKL196516871.7
4 1980s Music - Who Sang It?Music  Hayley26350.8
5 1990s Music - Who Sang It ?Music  Hayley9349.8
6 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #1Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs15956.9
7 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #2Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs10572.5
8 Meet Me In St. Louis: The MusicMusic, Musical Movies  zendyk6244.2
9 A Whole New WorldMusic, Animated Movies  BubblyJolie2360.9
10 ABBA - Swedish Super GroupMusic, Pop Music  grant2286448
11 Al Jolson - "The World's Greatest Entertainer"Music, American Culture, SingersAl Jolson  grant2281674.4
12 Angel Songs - It's Heavenly!Music, Singers  lmcubs13351.4
13 Aretha Franklin - Queen of SoulMusic, SingersAretha L Franklin  grant2286749.1
14 Around Town: Cities in MusicMusic  ravioli4873.5
15 Australian Singers and BandsMusic  Hayley5152.4
16 Autumn SongsMusic  lmcubs1,65139.2
17 Barbra Streisand LyricsMusic, SingersBarbra Streisand  zendyk15764.1
18 Barenaked Ladies-"If I Had a Million Dollars", and More!Music, Pop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam1451.4
19 Bette Midler - Dazzling DivaMusic, MoviesBette Midler  grant2285570.8
20 Beyonce - Super DivaMusic, SingersBeyonce Knowles  grant2281477.9
21 Blind MusiciansMusic  dartjock4354.4
22 Bob Dylan - Enduring Songwriter and National ConscienceMusic, American Culture, SingersBob Dylan  grant22819732
23 Bodies of Water in MusicMusic  Samurai Sam5452.8
24 Broadway SongsMusic, Broadway, Fine Arts  grant22822869.8
25 Calling all Julie London fansTV, Radio & Stage, Music, Movies, Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Singers, Television StarsJulie London  rocketgirl0NA
26 Cass Elliot - A Remarkable Singer!Music, Singers  grant228393.3
27 Celebrities' Theme SongsMusic  tristan17875.7
28 Children's Christmas SongsMusic, Christmas  LittleLady15282.7
29 Christmas CarolsMusic, Christmas  LittleLady19474.7
30 Christmas Song ComposersMusic, Christmas  lmcubs10674.9
31 Christmas Songs: Fill in the BlanksMusic, Christmas  phonerec87183.8
32 Coldplay: Brit Pop MastersMusic, Pop Music, Alternative Rock  Samurai Sam1750
33 Cole Porter - The Musical Maestro of the 20th CenturyMusic, American CultureCole Porter  grant228755.7
34 Colorful SongsMusic  LittleLady6881.3
35 Contemporary Mexican SingersMusic  bill2935.5
36 Crooner's NicknamesMusic  catherine23765.2
37 Dame Nellie Melba - Australia's SopranoMusic, Singers, Australian History  grant228653.3
38 Dave Matthews: Musician Extraordinaire!MusicDave Matthews  scarlettem17260.9
39 Desi Arnaz: Cuban Band Leader and TV StarMusic, I Love Lucy, Television StarsDesi Arnaz  scarlettem34549.5
40 Disney SongsMusic, Animated Movies  lmcubs1,05978.9
41 Disney Songs: Part 2Music, Animated Movies  lmcubs36482.3
42 Double AlbumsMusic  Samurai Sam2549.2
43 Edith Piaf - French ChanteuseMusic, Singers, French History  grant2281467.1
44 Electric Guitar Model Manufacturer MatchMusic  bill6374.8
45 Elton John - SuperstarMusic, Pop Music, SingersElton H John  grant2285262.7
46 Fishing SongsMusic  bill1130.9
47 Frank Sinatra - Ol' Blue EyesMusic, Movies, Movie Stars, SingersFrank A Sinatra  grant22811663.4
48 Franz Schubert - Meteoric ComposerMusic, Classical Music  grant22813457.8
49 Galaxy SongMusic, Science & Nature  grant2281963.7
50 George Frederic Handel - Sublime ComposerMusic, Classical MusicGeorge F Handel  grant2282649.6
51 George M. Cohan: Father of American Musical ComedyMusic, BroadwayGeorge M. Cohan  LittleLady11146.6
52 Get the KnackMusic, Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music, Alternative Rock  Samurai Sam4854.6
53 Gilbert and Sullivan SongsMusic  grant22811375.1
54 Gioachino Rossini - Masterful Italian ComposerHistory, Music, Italian History  grant228851.3
55 Glen CampbellMusic, Country MusicGlen Campbell  bill23757.9
56 Guitars Named for Recording ArtistsMusic  Samurai Sam2343
57 Halloween SongsMusic, Halloween  LittleLady30662.5
58 Henry Mancini Movie MusicMusic, MoviesHenry Mancini  grant2282655
59 Henry Mancini: Famous ComposerMusicHenry Mancini  scarlettem3943.3
60 Herb Alpert: Awesome Music Man!MusicHerb Alpert  Secret_Author4757.2
61 Irving Berlin - America's Musical MaestroMusic, American CultureIrving Berlin  grant2283759.7
62 Jan and DeanMusic  scarlettem3075
63 Jan and Dean: Rock and Roll DuoMusic  scarlettem12269.5
64 Jimi Hendrix - "a rock demi-god"Music, Pop MusicJimi Hendrix  grant2282770
65 John Denver Song LyricsMusic, Country Music, Folk Music, SingersJohn Denver  BENJ959666.9
66 Johnny Mathis: The Velvet VoiceMusic, SingersJohnny Mathis  Secret_Author9443.4
67 Julie Andrews: Respected & Versatile ActressMusic, Movie StarsJulie Andrews  dave25161.6
68 Kid RockMusic, Rock -n- Roll, Rap and Hip-Hop, Singers, Rock MusicKid Rock  dartjock25056.7
69 Kylie Minogue - Australia's ShowgirlMusic, SingersKylie Minogue  grant228360
70 Léon Theremin: Electronics WhizHistory, Music, ScientistsLéon Theremin  patrickryan658.3
71 Liberace: Master PianistMusicWladziu Liberace  bill19571.3
72 Louis Armstrong - The One and Only Satchmo!Music, Movies, Jazz and BluesLouis Armstrong  grant22833943.2
73 Ludwig van Beethoven - Tortured GeniusMusic, Classical MusicLudwig v Beethoven  grant22810559.5
74 Men's Names In Song TitlesMusic  scarlettem7440.5
75 Mick Jagger - Rock IconMusic, Rock Music  grant2282553.2
76 Mike Post: TV Theme Composer ExtraordinaireTV, Radio & Stage, MusicMike Post  FRANKL19652149.5
77 More Cowbell Part I: Songs Featuring The CowbellMusic  FRANKL19652168.1
78 More Cowbell Part II: Songs Featuring The CowbellMusic  FRANKL1965656.7
79 Musical GeographyMusic  LittleLady3354.5
80 Musical One Hit WondersMusic  LittleLady9648.3
81 Musicians Turned Movie DirectorsMusic, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers  lmcubs4858.3
82 Musicians' Last RecordsMusic  Samurai Sam3034.3
83 National AnthemsMusic, World Culture  grant2284438
84 North, South, East, & West in Rock MusicMusic  Samurai Sam2347.8
85 One Hit Wonders of the 1950sMusic  Samurai Sam6257.7
86 One Hit Wonders of the 1960sMusic, Pop Music  Samurai Sam20956.5
87 One Hit Wonders of the 1970sMusic  Samurai Sam12048.7
88 One More for the Road: Songs about RoadwaysMusic, Pop Music  FRANKL19656264.2
89 One-Word Platinum Rock AlbumsMusic, Rock -n- Roll  FRANKL19654674.1
90 Opera FavoritesMusic, Classical Music, Fine Arts  grant2287671.8
91 Party Songs - Artist MatchMusic  bill10862.9
92 Paul Robeson: More Than Just the Singer of "Ol' Man River"!Music, American History, CulturePaul LB Robeson  grant2283554.6
93 Paul Simon: American Song Writer and SingerMusic, SingersPaul Simon  Secret_Author7750.3
94 Paula Abdul: Personal Life of a CelebrityMusic, Pop MusicPaula Abdul  0zero013352.6
95 Peter Allen - Flamboyant Performer and SongwriterMusic, Singers, Australian History  grant2281280.8
96 Pop Music PartnersMusic, Pop Music  grant2285471.3
97 Record Albums of the 1960s Part 3Music  Samurai Sam3444.7
98 Record Albums of the 1960s, Part 2Music  Samurai Sam4673
99 Record Albums of the 1970s, Part 1Music  Samurai Sam9385.9
100 Record Albums of the 1970s, Part 2Music  Samurai Sam5163.3

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