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Trivia Quiz - Elton John - Superstar

Elton John's brand of entertainment has stood the test of time. His ability to change with the times and always touch the right chord have made him a worldwide favorite.

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Date Submitted: May 21, 2017
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Elton H John

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Elton John  Superstar
(Image Source: Elton John @ Gossip Princess)

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1. Elton John was born in March, 1947 with what name?
  A.   Maurice Micklewhite
  B.   Harry Webb
  C.   Reginald Dwight
  D.   Gordon Sumner

2. What life-changing event happened to Elton John when he was aged 11?
  A.   He won a piano scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music.
  B.   His father died.
  C.   He broke his leg thus ending a promising football career.
  D.   He won a London talent contest.

3. Who is the lyricist Elton John teamed with to produce many of his hits?
  A.   Malcolm Arnold
  B.   Andrew Lloyd Webber
  C.   George Fenton
  D.   Bernie Taupin

4. What was Elton John's first hit song?
  A.   Bennie and the Jets
  B.   Crocodile Rock
  C.   Tiny Dancer
  D.   Your Song

5. What English soccer team did Elton John own?
  A.   Wrexford
  B.   Waterford
  C.   Watford
  D.   Woking

6. Elton John has battled a number of personal issues. Which of the following has not been one of these?
  A.   bulimia
  B.   cocaine
  C.   alcohol
  D.   OCD

7. Elton John successfully teamed with Tim Rice in the production of what musical?
  A.   Cats
  B.   The Lion King
  C.   Evita
  D.   Beauty and the Beast

8. As of 2017, how many times has Elton John been married?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   3

9. Renowned for his ornate costumes, who did Elton John dress as to celebrate his 50th birthday?
  A.   Louis XIV
  B.   Elvis
  C.   Casanova
  D.   Mae West

10. Which of the following honors has Elton John not received?
  A.   A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  B.   Nobel Peace Prize
  C.   Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth
  D.   Admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame®   

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