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Trivia Quizzes - Christmas

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 "Merry Christmas" in Many LanguagesChristmas  lmcubs15957.7
2 "Santa Baby" LyricsMusic, Christmas  BubblyJolie11964.7
3 'Twas the Night Before ChristmasFiction Books, Children's Books, Christmas  bill23877.3
4 A Charlie Brown Christmas: A Christmas ClassicChristmas, Peanuts Animated Series  martha28456.8
5 A Christmas CarolFiction Books, Christmas, Christmas Movies  bill9974.2
6 Animated Christmas SpecialsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Christmas  lmcubs60781.8
7 Celebrities Born on Christmas DayChristmas  BubblyJolie10324.2
8 Celebrities Born on Christmas Day: Part 2Christmas  zeppy734565.8
9 Children's Christmas SongsMusic, Christmas  LittleLady13582.4
10 Christmas BasicsChristmas  BubblyJolie24777.7
11 Christmas CarolsMusic, Christmas  LittleLady18274.7
12 Christmas Song ComposersMusic, Christmas  lmcubs10075
13 Christmas Songs: Fill in the BlanksMusic, Christmas  phonerec79484
14 Christmas Traditions Around the WorldChristmas  lmcubs89657.8
15 Christmas Traditions Nuts & BoltsChristmas  BubblyJolie15035.3
16 Rock and Roll Christmas Songs: #1Rock -n- Roll, Christmas  patrickryan9863
17 Rock and Roll Christmas Songs: #2Rock -n- Roll, Christmas  patrickryan9852.3
18 Santa Claus in the U.S.- Children's BasicsChristmasSanta Claus  dartjock4462.3
19 Santa Claus Movie-Actor Match GameTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Christmas  LittleLady14255.4

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