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Trivia Quiz - A Charlie Brown Christmas: A Christmas Classic

Give yourself a gift by taking this quiz about the best Christmas classic of all time - "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!!? I love "Peanuts!"

Quiz Number: 3290
Date Submitted: December 26, 2009
Quiz Categories: Peanuts Animated Series, Christmas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: martha
Average Score: 56.7 percent
Times Taken: 534 times
Taken by Registered Users: 28

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A Charlie Brown Christmas A Christmas Classic
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1. At the beginning, when the gang is skating on the pond, who gets flung into a tree?
  A.   Charlie Brown
  B.   Linus
  C.   Lucy
  D.   Snoopy

2. Who will only eat January snowflakes?
  A.   Frieda
  B.   Patty
  C.   Violet
  D.   Lucy

3. Who does Charlie Brown sarcastically thank for sending him a Christmas card?
  A.   Lucy
  B.   Violet
  C.   Patty
  D.   Frieda

4. Who manages to knock the can off the wall with a snowball?
  A.   Schroeder
  B.   Lucy
  C.   Linus
  D.   Charlie Brown

5. How much does Lucy charge Charlie Brown for psychiatric help?
  A.   5 cents
  B.   10 cents
  C.   25 cents
  D.   50 cents

6. During the dancing part, who is doing "the sleepwalk"?
  A.   Linus
  B.   Patty
  C.   Sherman
  D.   Sally

7. Lucy asks Snoopy if he can play the part of several different animals. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  A.   sheep
  B.   cow
  C.   penguin
  D.   donkey

8. What Christmas song does Lucy request that Schroeder play on the piano?
  A.   Oh, Christmas Tree
  B.   Winter Wonderland
  C.   Jingle Bells
  D.   Let it Snow

9. Who is assigned to play the innkeeper's wife?
  A.   Lucy
  B.   Frieda
  C.   Patty
  D.   Violet

10. What Christmas hymn does the gang sing at the closing of their animated special?
  A.   Hark!, the Herald Angels Sing
  B.   Oh, Holy Night
  C.   Silent Night
  D.   Joy to the World!®   

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