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Trivia Quizzes - Fiction Books

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 'Twas the Night Before ChristmasFiction Books, Children's Books, Christmas  bill33476.4
2 A Christmas CarolFiction Books, Christmas, Christmas Movies  bill16774.3
3 A Confederacy of DuncesFiction Books  trickymutha12976.2
4 Blood Of Eden: The Immortal RulesLiterature, Fiction Books  Pink and Black5883.4
5 Captains Courageous: The NovelFiction Books  Secret_Author72769.3
6 Christine: A Plymouth PossessedHorror Movies, Fiction Books  0zero028568
7 Cinderella: According to the Grimm BrothersFiction Books, Children's Books  carlam72057.8
8 Dreamland's Nerve CenterFiction Books  BubblyJolie465
9 Frankenstein: The NovelFiction Books  bill15863.9
10 Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsFiction Books  stringbean2956.9
11 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneFiction Books, Fantasy Movies  bbdd41140765
12 M*A*S*H: The Richard HookerFiction Books  Secret_Author5131.2
13 New Moon: A Novel by Stephenie MeyerFiction Books  BubblyJolie22479.8
14 Nim's IslandFiction Books, Children's Books  bbdd4111,09472.4
15 Perry Mason: Amazing Defense AttorneyAmerican TV Dramas, Fiction Books  lmcubs57976.8
16 Persuasion: Jane Austen's Biography?Fiction Books  katkade5569.1
17 Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen NovelFiction Books  katkade8366.3
18 The HobbitFiction Books  krystal19070.6
19 The Lord of the Rings Character MatchFiction Books, Fantasy Movies  madman42787.4
20 The Lost City of FaarFiction Books  bbdd4117368.2
21 The Merchant of DeathFiction Books  bbdd41115468.2
22 The Never WarFiction Books  bbdd4114158
23 The Reality Bug QuizFiction Books  bbdd4111668.8
24 The Stand: Character MatchMovies, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec7881.9
25 The Stand: Stephen King ClassicHorror Movies, Fiction Books  phonerec21778.5
26 The Velveteen RabbitFiction Books, Children's Books  perfectfatgirl19475.7
27 Twilight: A Novel by Stephenie MeyerFiction Books  BubblyJolie3,23889.1
28 Agatha Christie Opening Lines #2Fiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie5164.9
29 Agatha Christie Part #2Fiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie6957.5
30 Agatha Christie's Ariadne OliverFiction Books, Fictional Characters, Agatha Christie's Works  pancakelover4856.5
31 Agatha Christie's Favorite PoisonsFiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie7651.1
32 Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot & His AssociatesFiction Books, Fictional Characters, Agatha Christie's Works  pancakelover25046
33 Agatha Christie's Opening LinesFiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie14058.7
34 American Novelists' First WorksFiction Books, American Authors  madman14546.5
35 AquamanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  dartjock56152.4
36 Author - Character MatchFiction Books, Authors  scarlettem12553.1
37 Braun's "The Cat Who...." Mystery Series QuizFiction Books  scarlettem8782.2
38 Dick TracyAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Adventure Movies  dartjock10063.2
39 Harry PotterFiction Books, Fantasy Movies, Adventure Movies, Children's Books, KISS  Delila2389.6
40 Harry Potter #1Fiction Books  lmcubs10890
41 Harry Potter BasicsFiction Books  yohuston7141.7
42 Horror Book AuthorsFiction Books, Authors  dave15471.5
43 James Bond: Facts and FiguresFiction Books, Fictional Characters, Adventure Movies  20361.2
44 Jane Austen: Character-Novel Match GameFiction Books, British AuthorsJane Austen  katkade9063.8
45 Jeeves - Butler Extraordinare!Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  katkade10067.3
46 Lisbeth Salander: The Girl Who Played With FireFiction Books, Fictional Characters  carlam25280.3
47 Literary Odd One OutFiction Books, Authors  grant2286761.2
48 Match the Book to the AuthorFiction Books, American Authors  patrickryan10379.1
49 Myths and Legends in Literature IIFiction Books, World Culture  grant2287159.3
50 Nancy Drew, Girl DetectiveAmerican TV Dramas, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  lmcubs16376.2
51 Sherlock Holmes - Super SluethLiterature, Fiction Books  grant228762.9
52 Sherlock Holmes: Intellectual DetectiveFiction Books, Fictional Characters  scarlettem8562.4
53 SpidermanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies  dartjock8978.4
54 Stephanie Plum Spunky Literary Character Part 3Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec6985.8
55 Stephanie Plum: Spunky Literary CharacterFiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec21392.9
56 Stephanie Plum: Spunky Literary Character: Part 2Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec8889.9
57 Superman: The Man of SteelAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, TV Sci-Fi, Fictional Characters, American Culture, Animated Movies  dartjock22375.6
58 The Elementary Sherlock HolmesFiction Books  krystal21674.1
59 Track Down These Sleuths!Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  scarlettem8448.9
60 Wonder WomanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Movies, American Culture  dartjock1,54166.9

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