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Trivia Quiz - The Stand: Character Match

This is my all time favorite Stephen King book, "The Stand."

Quiz Number: 2773
Date Submitted: August 03, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movies, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: phonerec
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The Stand Character Match
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1. What main character was from Arnette, TX?
  A.   Glen Bateman
  B.   Nick Andros
  C.   Stu Redman
  D.   Tom Cullen

2. Who eventually became Stu's girlfriend?
  A.   Fran Goldsmith
  B.   Lucy Swann
  C.   Susan Stern
  D.   Nadine Cross

3. Who was a deaf mute?
  A.   Tom Cullen
  B.   Glen Bateman
  C.   Nick Andros
  D.   Ralph Brentner

4. Who did Nick Andros meet first on his travels?
  A.   Tom Cullen
  B.   Stu Redman
  C.   Susan Stern
  D.   Larry Underwood

5. What was the name of the lady they dreamed about?
  A.   Mother Theresa
  B.   Mother Angela
  C.   Mother Abigail
  D.   Mother Maria

6. What was the name of The Walkin' Dude?
  A.   Lloyd Heinrich
  B.   Randell Flagg
  C.   Johnson Stevens
  D.   Poke Anderson

7. Who was the rock musician?
  A.   Larry Underwood
  B.   Stu Redman
  C.   Fran Goldsmith
  D.   Randall Flagg

8. Who was jealous when Fran fell for another man?
  A.   Stu Redman
  B.   Ralph Brentner
  C.   Harold Lauder
  D.   Nick Andros

9. With whom did Harold form an alliance with?
  A.   Susan Stern
  B.   Lucy Swann
  C.   Fran Goldsmith
  D.   Nadine Cross

10. Who was the original carrier of the superflu?
  A.   Trashcan Man
  B.   Charlie Campion
  C.   Lloyd Heinrich
  D.   Jess Rider®   

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