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Trivia Quiz - James Bond: Facts and Figures

A few notes about the real James Bond, as depicted in the novels as well as the films. A bit of a challenge for fans of the super spy.

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Date Submitted: October 11, 2012
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James Bond Facts and Figures
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1. Who was the author of the original James Bond novels that were the inspiration for the long line of later films?
  A.   Ian Wolfe
  B.   Nero Wolfe
  C.   Ian Fleming
  D.   Raymond Chandler

2. What background did Fleming draw on to be able to write these successful books?
  A.   He worked for MI6 himself for ten years
  B.   His father was an international spy
  C.   He worked as secretary to a British Intelligence official
  D.   He worked in British Naval Intelligence in WWII

3. What is the origin of the '007' code number?
  A.   It was the signature English spy John Dee used in letters to Elizabeth I
  B.   It was the number of a bus that used to drive down his street
  C.   It was based on the limited number of agents in that division
  D.   It was based on the number '7' from the game of Craps

4. What was Bond's firearm of choice originally?
  A.   Sig P228
  B.   Webley Mark VI
  C.   Beretta 418
  D.   Colt M1911

5. In the film 'Dr No' his superiors forced him to upgrade to what other weapon, which he used for several years?
  A.   Heckler & Koch VP70
  B.   Walther PPK
  C.   Ballester-Molina
  D.   Browning 9mm

6. What was the origin of the name 'James Bond'?
  A.   It was his grandmother's maiden name
  B.   He came upon it in a literary review
  C.   It was the name of an American ornithologist
  D.   He took the name from two Sottish poets

7. Bond joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves in 1941. What rank did he achieve by the end of the war?
  A.   First Lieutenant
  B.   Captain
  C.   Lieutenant Commander
  D.   Commander

8. Though he drove many exotic vehicles, which was Bond's most famous car, first used in the movie 'Goldfinger' ?
  A.   Triumph Sptfire
  B.   Lotus Esprit
  C.   Rolls Royce
  D.   Aston Martin DB5

9. In which film of the series did he utter that famous line "Bond... James Bond" ?
  A.   Goldfinger
  B.   Dr. No
  C.   Thunderball
  D.   For Your Eyes Only

10. Although a voracious drinker of wide varieties of alcohol, what was James Bond's cocktail of choice?
  A.   Glenfiddich on the Rocks
  B.   Bourbon Neat
  C.   Gin Martini
  D.   Vodka Martini®   

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