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Trivia Quizzes - British Authors

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Agatha Christie: British Mystery WriterAgatha Christie's Works, British AuthorsAgatha Christie  BubblyJolie11463.9
2 Beatrix Potter - Creator of Peter RabbitLiterature, Authors, British AuthorsBeatrix Potter  grant228270
3 Charles Dickens - His worksLiterature, British AuthorsCharles JH Dickens  grant2284257.9
4 Charles Dickens: British AuthorBritish AuthorsCharles JH Dickens  phonerec68353
5 George Bernard ShawLiterature, British AuthorsGeorge B Shaw  grant2281156.4
6 J.K. RowlingBritish AuthorsJ.K. Rowling  stringbean1845
7 J.R.R. Tolkien: His Personal LifeBritish AuthorsJ.R.R. Tolkien  phonerec6563.5
8 Jane Austen: Character-Novel Match GameFiction Books, British AuthorsJane Austen  katkade6563.4
9 Jane Austen: English AuthorBritish AuthorsJane Austen  katkade3146.1
10 Lewis Carroll: English AuthorBritish AuthorsLewis Carroll  Secret_Author9842.4
11 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Amazing Author!British AuthorsArthur C Doyle  scarlettem13060.7
12 William Shakespeare: Epic British AuthorShakespeare, British AuthorsWilliam Shakespeare  bill5967.3

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