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Trivia Quiz - Agatha Christie's Favorite Poisons

How well do you know what poisons Christie used in her over eighty books? -BubblyJolie

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Date Submitted: April 18, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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Agatha Christies Favorite Poisons
(Image Source: Agatha Christie)

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1. What is Christie's most-often used poison in her novels?
  A.   cyanide
  B.   arsenic
  C.   lead
  D.   tahllium

2. What was the poison Christie used in "The Mysterious Affairs at Styles?"
  A.   cyanide
  B.   arsenic
  C.   morphine
  D.   strychinine

3. In "A Pocketful of Rye", Rex Fortescue died of taxine poisoning. Taxine is a poisonous alkaloid found in the foliage and berries of which English tree?
  A.   laburnum
  B.   laurel
  C.   cotoneaster
  D.   yew tree

4. Rex Fortescue wasn’t the only victim in "A Pocketful of Rye". His second wife, Adele, was also poisoned, not by taxine, but by another poison. The murderer slipped which poison into her tea?
  A.   arsenic
  B.   nicotine
  C.   strychnine
  D.   cyanide

5. Ella Zielinsky, actress Marina Gregg's social secretary, in "The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side", died by inhalation of which poison?
  A.   cyanide
  B.   prussic acid
  C.   strychnine
  D.   nicotine

6. In "The Pale Horse", a very unusual form of poisoning was employed. The symptoms of which type of metallic poisoning include nervous and gastrointestinal disorders and rapid loss of hair?
  A.   lead
  B.   mercury
  C.   copper
  D.   thallium

7. Another unusual form of poisoning was used in "Death in the Air" (also known as "Death in the Clouds"). While on a short flight, Madame Giselle, a French moneylender, is murdered by which means?
  A.   poisoned coffee
  B.   poisoned nasal spray
  C.   poisoned chocolate
  D.   poisoned thorn

8. It is possible that many readers cheered when the nasty, sadistic Mrs. Boynton was poisoned in "Appointment with Death." She was poisoned with an overdose of which heart medication?
  A.   digitoxin
  B.   morphine
  C.   adrenalin
  D.   strophanthin

9. In "Three Act Tragedy" (also known as "Murder in Three Acts"), Reverend Stephen Babbington, Sir Bartholomew Strange and Margaret De Rushbridger are all dispatched by a poisonous alkaloid derived from the leaf of a plant. Which poison was employed?
  A.   solanine
  B.   aconitine
  C.   ricin
  D.   nicotine

10. "Who killed Lord Cronshaw? Was Coco Courtenay’s death on the same night a mere coincidence? Was it an accident? Or did she deliberately take an overdose …?" Which addictive drug did Coco take a fatal dose of in "The Affair at the Victory Ball"?
  A.   heroin
  B.   cocaine
  C.   opium
  D.   morphine®   

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