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Trivia Quiz - Myths and Legends in Literature II

More questions about the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.

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Date Submitted: April 10, 2011
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Author: grant228
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Myths and Legends in Literature II
(Image Source: Dionysius)

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1. Who gave Pandora the gift of fire and was punished for this by being chained to a rock. An eagle would tear out his liver each day?
  A.   Apollo
  B.   Prometheus
  C.   Perseus
  D.   Heracles

2. Which god was the patron of music, archery, arts and medicine? He had Marsyus flayed alive after beating him in a music contest.
  A.   Ares
  B.   Dionysius
  C.   Apollo
  D.   Theseus

3. Who was the goddess of the hunt and fiercely protective of her modesty and chastity? When the hunter Acteon saw her naked she turned him into a stag and watched his hounds tear him to pieces.
  A.   Artemis
  B.   Leda
  C.   Aphrodite
  D.   Psyche

4. Who was the god of war and lover of Aphrodite, famously caught committing adultery with this married immortal?
  A.   Eros
  B.   Priapus
  C.   Vulcan
  D.   Ares

5. Who was the god of the underworld who snatched the glowing Persephone from the earth to keep him company?
  A.   Hades
  B.   Pluto
  C.   Charon
  D.   Vulcan

6. Which nymph deceived Hera and was punished with the removal of her much-prized voice?
  A.   Io
  B.   Echo
  C.   Pytho
  D.   Eurydice

7. Which god was the patron of the marketplace and thieves? He invented the lyre which he gave to Apollo as a gift.
  A.   Hermes
  B.   Helios
  C.   Hyperion
  D.   Hesperides

8. Who was the lame god of fire and volcanoes who was married to Aphrodite?
  A.   Dionysius
  B.   Hephaistos
  C.   Ganymede
  D.   Hector

9. Who was the virgin goddess of the hearth, being worshipped in every home?
  A.   Artemis
  B.   Athene
  C.   Danae
  D.   Hestia

10. Who was the son of Aphrodite; associated with desire and said to carry bows and arrows?
  A.   Apollo
  B.   Jason
  C.   Eros
  D.   Theseus®   

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