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Trivia Quiz - Perry Mason: Amazing Defense Attorney

If you were ever arrested for a crime, you wanted to hire Perry Mason to help you out. How much do you know about this fictional attorney?

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Date Submitted: July 08, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas, Fiction Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Perry Mason Amazing Defense Attorney
(Image Source: Perry Mason)

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1. Who was the author of the Perry Mason novels?
  A.   Erle Stanley Gardner
  B.   Agatha Christie
  C.   Ellery Queen
  D.   Raymond Chandler

2. In what year did the Raymond Burr series, "Perry Mason" begin?
  A.   1965
  B.   1959
  C.   1957
  D.   1961

3. Perry Mason's secretary's name was:
  A.   Darla
  B.   Della
  C.   Dana
  D.   Darlene

4. Hamilton Burger was a:
  A.   private investigator
  B.   district attorney
  C.   police homicide investigator
  D.   junior attorney in Mason's law firm

5. Born in 1887, this actor played gruff Lt. Tragg in the Perry Mason series:
  A.   Richard Anderson
  B.   William Talmadge
  C.   Wesley Lau
  D.   Ray Collins

6. Which Perry Mason series actor's mother was a well-known gossip columnist?
  A.   Barbara Hale
  B.   William Hopper
  C.   Richard Anderson
  D.   Wesley Lau

7. Which Perry Mason series actor made the first public service announcement explaining the dangers of smoking?
  A.   William Talman
  B.   Raymond Burr
  C.   Ray Collins
  D.   William Hopper

8. How many cases did Perry Mason lose during his TV series?
  A.   ZERO
  B.   one
  C.   four
  D.   14

9. Thirty TV Perry Mason movies were made. How many did NOT star Raymond Burr?
  A.   ZERO
  B.   one
  C.   four
  D.   14

10. In some of the TV movies, the part of Paul Drake Junior was played by the son of which original series star?
  A.   Raymond Burr
  B.   Barbara Hale
  C.   William Hopper
  D.   William Talman®   

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