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Trivia Quiz - Frankenstein: The Novel

What do you know about Mary Shelley's classic novel, "Frankenstein"?

Quiz Number: 3156
Date Submitted: June 28, 2009
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Frankenstein The Novel
(Image Source: Frankenstein: The Novel)

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1. What was the name of the captain that rescued Victor Frankenstein from the icy waters of the north Atlantic?
  A.   Captain Richard Waller
  B.   Captain James Steffan
  C.   Captain Michael Trenner
  D.   Captain Robert Walton

2. During his college years, Frankenstein studied galvanism, the study of stimulating human body parts with an electrical charge. Which body part?
  A.   muscles
  B.   bones
  C.   vital organs
  D.   brain

3. Who was the first person that the monster murdered?
  A.   Henry Clerval
  B.   William Frankenstein
  C.   Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein
  D.   Justine Moritz

4. Who is wrongly convicted of the murder of the monster's first victim?
  A.   Henry Clerval
  B.   Victor Frankenstein
  C.   Alphonse Frankenstein
  D.   Justine Moritz

5. The monster spends a long time obsserving a poor family living in a mountain cottage. What was the last name of the family?
  A.   De Lacey
  B.   De Grandis
  C.   De Longe
  D.   De Kaske

6. What does the monster demand of Victor Frankenstein in exchange for leaving him alone?
  A.   create a female monster for companionship
  B.   his family fortune
  C.   to become part of his family
  D.   a facelift

7. On what north Atlantic island chain does Frankenstein attempt to continue his work?
  A.   Fair Isle
  B.   Orkney Islands
  C.   Shetland Islands
  D.   Northern Isles

8. While on their honeymoon, the monster kills Victor's wife, Elizabeth. On the slopes of what European mountain were they staying?
  A.   Weisshorn
  B.   Monte Rosa
  C.   Matterhorn
  D.   Mont Blanc

9. How does Victor Frankenstein perish?
  A.   the monster kills him
  B.   he starves in the woods
  C.   he freezes in the icy waters of the north
  D.   unclear, most likely exhaustion, malnutrition and heart failure

10. At the end, the monster tells the captain of the ship that he intends to kill himself. How does he intend to carry this out?
  A.   starving himself to death
  B.   drowning himself to death
  C.   burning himself to death
  D.   freezing himself to death in the icy waters of the north®   

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