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Trivia Quiz - Santa Claus in the U.S.- Children's Basics

How much do you know about the lore and legend that surrounds Santa Claus, the world's most popular character?

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Date Submitted: December 07, 2012
Quiz Categories: Christmas
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Santa Claus

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Santa Claus in the U.S. Childrens Basics
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1. What other name is Santa Claus known by in the United States?
  A.   Santa
  B.   Saint Nicholas
  C.   Father Christmas
  D.   All of the Above

2. Based on North American tradition since the 1820's, where does Santa Claus live?
  A.   North Pole
  B.   South Pole
  C.   Arctica
  D.   Antarctica

3. Counting Rudolph, how many reindeer does Santa have?
  A.   10
  B.   9
  C.   8
  D.   7

4. Santa Claus is based off St. Nicolas, the Bishop of Myra, which is a town in what modern day country?
  A.   Germany
  B.   Greenland
  C.   Turkey
  D.   Ireland

5. Donner and Blitzen were the first two of Santa's reindeer. What do their names mean?
  A.   Merry and Christmas
  B.   Thunder and Lightning
  C.   Snow and Ice
  D.   Sonic and Speed

6. Which U.S state became the first state to make Christmas a legal holiday in 1836?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   New York
  C.   Pennsylvania
  D.   Virginia

7. On what day does Santa deliver gifts to all the children of the world?
  A.   New Year's Eve
  B.   Christmas
  C.   New Year's Day
  D.   Christmas Eve

8. James Edgar is credited with starting the practice of what?
  A.   Macy's Christmas Day Parade
  B.   Department Store Santas
  C.   Decorating of the Christmas Tree
  D.   Salvation Army Santas

9. In 2005, Santa is listed as the richest character in the world by whom?
  A.   Forbes 500
  B.   Forbes Richest
  C.   Forbes Fictional 15
  D.   Forbes Richest Characters

10. Which of the following is not one of Santa's reindeer?
  A.   Cupid
  B.   Vixen
  C.   Comet
  D.   Dixon®   

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