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Trivia Quiz - Desi Arnaz: Cuban Band Leader and TV Star

How much do you know about Cuban band leader and TV star, Desi Arnaz.

Quiz Number: 2597
Date Submitted: June 02, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music, I Love Lucy, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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Quiz is about: Desi Arnaz

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Desi Arnaz Cuban Band Leader and TV Star
(Image Source: Desi Arnaz @ Salsa in Cuba)

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1. What was Desi's full name?
  A.   Fulgencio Desi Arnaz I
  B.   Desraelii Alberto Arnazis VII
  C.   Desiderio Alberto Arnaz ye de Acha the Third
  D.   Franchesco Albert Sinarezi

2. What was one of Desi's first jobs in America?
  A.   cleaning canary cages
  B.   selling cigars on street corners
  C.   altering ladies evening dresses
  D.   shining shoes at the Dade County Court House

3. Where did Desi meet Lucille Ball?
  A.   at a dance in New York on New Year's Eve
  B.   on the set of the movie "Too Many Girls"
  C.   he was a taxi driver who took her from NewYork city to Jamestown, NY
  D.   he bumped into her while walking his dog on Hollywood Blvd.

4. What was the name of Desi's autobiography?
  A.   My Life From Cuba to California
  B.   I Really Did Love Lucy
  C.   A Book
  D.   Cuban Pete

5. What was the age difference between Desi and Lucy?
  A.   He was 4 years older
  B.   Lucy was 6 years older
  C.   They were exactly 6 months apart in age with Lucy being the elder
  D.   They were the same age sharing the birthdate 8/28/1918

6. What did Desi arrange for starlets to greet wounded soldiers with when they arrived at a military hospital in San Fernando Valley?
  A.   A kiss
  B.   A cold beer
  C.   A handshake
  D.   A glass of cold milk

7. What award did Desi receive in 1972?
  A.   Mr. Del Mar of 1972
  B.   Outstanding Cuban American Man of the Year
  C.   Father of the Year
  D.   Best Horse Breeder of the Southern CA. Region

8. What did Desi do every year for Lucy on their anniversary even after their divorce?
  A.   he sent her flowers
  B.   he sent her a piece of jewelry
  C.   he took her to dinner.
  D.   he bought her a US SAVINGS BOND.

9. What instrument did Desi play in Xavier Cugat's band?
  A.   bongo drums
  B.   guitar
  C.   piano
  D.   saxophone

10. Where is the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center located?
  A.   New York, NY
  B.   Hollywood, CA
  C.   Miami, FL
  D.   Jamestown, NY®   

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