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Trivia Quiz - Musicians' Last Records

These questions are about the final records released by artists before fading into oblivion, dying, or in the case of groups, breaking up.

Quiz Number: 2856
Date Submitted: September 30, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Musicians Last Records
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1. What was the last single released by Creedence Clearwater Revival before breaking up?
  A.   "Molina"
  B.   "Hey Tonight"
  C.   "Sweet Hitch-Hiker"
  D.   "Someday Never Comes"

2. What was the Beatles' final single before breaking up?
  A.   "The Long & Winding Road"
  B.   "Let It Be"
  C.   "Across the Universe"
  D.   "Come Together"

3. What was the last single release by the Doors prior to the death of Jim Morrison?
  A.   "Love Her Madly"
  B.   "Touch Me"
  C.   "Riders on the Storm"
  D.   "Cars Hiss By My Window"

4. What was the last single released by Sonny & Cher before they split up?
  A.   "A Cowboy's Work is Never Done"
  B.   "When You Say Love"
  C.   "Mama Was a Rock & Roll Singer Papa Used to Write All Her Songs"
  D.   "The Beat Goes On"

5. What was the last single released by Diana Ross & the Supremes before Ross left to pursue a solo career?
  A.   "Love Child"
  B.   "Someday We'll be Together"
  C.   "Stoned Love"
  D.   "Stop in the Name of Love"

6. Otis Redding's last single before his untimely death was a duet with Carla Thomas of what song?
  A.   "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"
  B.   "Knock On Wood"
  C.   "Glory of Love"
  D.   "Shake"

7. What was the last single release by Jim Croce prior to his death?
  A.   "I Got a Name"
  B.   "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"
  C.   "Workin' at the Car Wash Blues"
  D.   "Time in a Bottle"

8. What was the last single release by Paul McCartney & Wings prior to their breakup?
  A.   "Coming Up"
  B.   "Goodnight Tonight"
  C.   "Junior's Farm"
  D.   "With a Little Luck"

9. What was Three Dog Night's last chart single before they broke up?
  A.   "The Show Must Go On"
  B.   "Sure as I'm Sittin' Here"
  C.   "Liar"
  D.   "'Til the World Ends"

10. What was the last single released by the Mamas & the Papas prior to their breakup?
  A.   "California Dreamin'"
  B.   "I Saw Her Again Last Night"
  C.   "For the Love of Ivy"
  D.   "Dream a Little Dream of Me"®   

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