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Trivia Quiz - Paula Abdul: Personal Life of a Celebrity

Questions about the personal and early life of this talented personality.

Quiz Number: 2314
Date Submitted: April 03, 2008
Quiz Categories: Pop Music, Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Quiz is about: Paula Abdul

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Paula Abdul Personal Life of a Celebrity
(Image Source: Paula Abdul: Credit to Alan Light @ Flickr)

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1. What is Paula Abdul's middle name?
  A.   Marie
  B.   Julie
  C.   Leanne
  D.   Gail

2. Where was Paula Abdul born?
  A.   New York City, New York
  B.   San Francisco, California
  C.   Minnedosa, Manitoba
  D.   Miami, Florida

3. Paula Abdul was selected from a pool of how many girls to become one of the "Laker Girls"?
  A.   500
  B.   700
  C.   1000
  D.   1500

4. How long did it take Paula Abdul to become head choreographer for the "Laker Girls"?
  A.   3 months
  B.   6 months
  C.   1 year
  D.   14 months

5. Paula Abdul choreographed sequences for a giant keyboard scene in which film?
  A.   "Coming to America"
  B.   "The Running Man"
  C.   "Big"
  D.   "Jerry McGuire"

6. What was the name of Paula Abdul's debut album?
  A.   "Shut Up and Dance"
  B.   "Forever Your Girl"
  C.   "Spellbound"
  D.   "Head Over Heals"

7. In 1991, who's digital image did Paula Abdul dance with in a Diet Coke commercial?
  A.   Fred Astaire
  B.   Danny Kaye
  C.   Gene Kelly
  D.   Mickey Mouse

8. What actor was Paula Abdul married to from April 1992 to May 1994?
  A.   Rob Lowe
  B.   Emilio Estevez
  C.   Judd Nelson
  D.   Andrew McCarthy

9. After substance abuse allegations arose, what condition did Paula Abdul reveal that she suffered from?
  A.   alcoholism
  B.   reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  C.   rheumatoid arthritis
  D.   bipolar disorder

10. In an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman", Paula Abdul explained her "erratic behavior" as being caused by what?
  A.   three or four martinis
  B.   pain medication
  C.   insomnia
  D.   being abducted by aliens®   

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