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Trivia Quiz - Autobiographical Songs of the Rock Era

Many artists of the rock era have written and performed songs about something that happened to them at some point during their careers. This quiz is about those songs and the acts that made them famous.

Quiz Number: 2876
Date Submitted: October 22, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Autobiographical Songs of the Rock Era
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1. What British band had a hit record about a Swiss nightclub that burned to the ground when a member of the audience fired a flare gun into the ceiling? This forced the band to find another place to record their upcoming album.
  A.   Black Sabbath
  B.   Deep Purple
  C.   Jethro Tull
  D.   Mott the Hoople

2. What Beatles song told the story of the trials and tribulations faced by one of the Fab Four when he got married?
  A.   The Ballad of John & Yoko
  B.   The Lovely Linda
  C.   Good Day Sunshine
  D.   Get Back

3. What Harry Chapin song recounts the story of a person running into an old high school sweetheart?
  A.   W.O.L.D.
  B.   Cat's in the Cradle
  C.   Taxi
  D.   30,000 Pounds of Bananas

4. Creedence Clearwater Revival had a hit in 1969 about this California town in which the band hated to go play concerts in their early days. What was the name of the town?
  A.   Bakersfield
  B.   Lodi
  C.   Cucamonga
  D.   Sacramento

5. Who had a 1973 hit single about his early days as a piano player in a cocktail lounge?
  A.   Elton John
  B.   Billy Joel
  C.   Randy Newman
  D.   Keith Emerson

6. What 1967 hit single by The Mamas and the Papas describes how the band was formed?
  A.   Creeque Alley
  B.   Monday Monday
  C.   California Dreamin'
  D.   Go Where You Wanna Go

7. What 1974 single by the Rasberries recounts the group's attempts to record a hit record?
  A.   Go All The Way
  B.   I'm a Rocker
  C.   Overnight Sensation
  D.   Let's Pretend

8. What 50s teen idol had a 1972 hit about himself being booed off the stage at an oldies concert at Madison Square Garden?
  A.   Pat Boone
  B.   Rick Nelson
  C.   Dion
  D.   Bobby Rydell

9. What single/songwriter had a 1974 hit about trying to make it as a rock star but after a series of setbacks discovers he's happier and more successful as a country singer?
  A.   Mac Davis
  B.   Glen Campbell
  C.   Eddie Rabbit
  D.   Kris Kristofferson

10. The 1981 hit record "In the Air Tonight" is what singer's autobiographical song about his crumbling marriage?
  A.   Billy Joel
  B.   Peter Frampton
  C.   Phil Collins
  D.   Cliff Richard®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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