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Trivia Quiz - Songs with the Word "Without" in the Title

These questions are all about songs that have the word "without" in the title. See if you can answer these questions "without" getting any of them wrong. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 2853
Date Submitted: September 29, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music, Rock Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 61.2 percent
Times Taken: 301 times
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Songs with the Word Without in the Title
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1. Who recorded the 1971 hit "Without Love"?
  A.   Engelbert Humperdinck
  B.   Elvis Presley
  C.   Tom Jones
  D.   Johnny Rivers

2. His 1972 single "Without You", later covered by Mariah Carey, was the biggest hit of his career. Who was he?
  A.   Nilsson
  B.   John Lennon
  C.   Jim Croce
  D.   Harry Chapin

3. Who recorded the 1961 hit single "A Town Without Pity"?
  A.   Roy Orbison
  B.   Johnny Vee
  C.   Gene Pitney
  D.   Joihnny Tillotson

4. Who recorded the 1978 hit "I Can't Smile Without You"?
  A.   The Bee Gees
  B.   Andy Gibb
  C.   Paul Davis
  D.   Barry Manilow

5. "A World Without Love" was a smash hit in 1964 for what duo?
  A.   Simon & Garfunkel
  B.   Chad & Jeremy
  C.   Peter & Gordon
  D.   Sam & Dave

6. Who recorded the 1984 hit "Eyes Without a Face"?
  A.   Billy Squire
  B.   Billy Idol
  C.   John Cougar Mellencamp
  D.   Chris DeBurgh

7. Although Laura Branigan first recorded it in 1983, who had a smash hit in 1989 with "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You"?
  A.   Kenny G
  B.   Richard Marx
  C.   Michael Bolton
  D.   Steve Perry

8. Although many artists recorded "I Won't Last a Day Without You", whose version became their 9th number one single on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart?
  A.   The Carpenters
  B.   Bread
  C.   Three Dog Night
  D.   Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

9. "With or Without You" was the first single off what supergroup's 1987 album "The Joshua Tree"?
  A.   Genesis
  B.   Mike & The Mechanics
  C.   U2
  D.   Culture Club

10. "Lost Without Your Love", released in 1977, was the last single by what group?
  A.   Three Dog Night
  B.   The Grass Roots
  C.   Bread
  D.   Five Man Electrical Band®   

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